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. Article Title Publication Published
Who is steering America's ship of state? Israel National News Jan 17, 2022
The UN’s Sonderbehandlung of the Jewish state Israel Today Jan 10, 2022
Shabbat Va-eira Shalom Phyllis Chesler Organization Dec 31, 2021
The Eternal Life of Blood Libels Against the Jews The Investigative Project on Terrorism Dec 29, 2021
The Book of Ruth Tablet Magazine Nov 15, 2021
A Nazi mass murderer goes to Hollywood Israel National News Oct 31, 2021
People just love dead Jews Israel National News Oct 05, 2021
Talkline With Zev Brenner Podcast Talkline Sep 28, 2021
Genesis Prize Phyllis Chesler Organization Jul 16, 2021
A Rally Against Anti-Semitism Is Welcome, But Is it Enough to Slow America's Tsunami of Anti-Semitism? The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jul 09, 2021
Gratuitous cruelty in WWII Poland Israel National News Jun 29, 2021
Interview: Phyllis Chesler was Cancelled Before It was Cool 4W Jun 16, 2021
Baseless Israel Bashing Permeates Science, Medicine, and Education Unions The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jun 15, 2021
Psychologists Hope to Combat Antisemitism as an Illness The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jun 02, 2021
Auditioning for the National Jewish Book Council New English Review May 26, 2021
A Fifth Column? Times of Israel May 14, 2021
Not fit to print: The NYTimes on Sheikh Jarrah Israel National News May 08, 2021
A Pesach Greeting 2021 The Jewish Voice Mar 24, 2021
Dearest Family and Friends Phyllis Chesler Dec 10, 2020
A Sweet New Year Phyllis Chesler Sep 15, 2020
Anti-Israelism has mutated to suit the coronavirus Israel National News Apr 24, 2020
Passover During a Plague Israel National News Apr 07, 2020
China Article V: We will never be quite the same again. Israel National News Mar 27, 2020
A Cabin Fever Shabbat Phyllis Chesler Mar 20, 2020
God bless Professor Channa Newman! Israel National News Feb 26, 2020
Allein unter Briten Achgut Jan 27, 2020
Unity Prevails as 25K March Against Anti-Semitism in NYC; Leaders Promise Action The Jewish Voice Jan 06, 2020
When all Jews march together, we shall overcome Israel National News Jan 05, 2020
I fear it is too late to drain the antisemitism swamp Israel National News Dec 23, 2019
Anti-Semitic Hate Spewed by Locals After Jersey City Attack The Jewish Voice Dec 12, 2019
What kind of Iron Dome can we deploy against the hate in Jersey City? Israel National News Dec 12, 2019
Antisemitism in the western culture Weekly Blitz Nov 21, 2019
The war continues and it is a long war Israel National News Nov 01, 2019
The silent bystanders in the war against the Jews Israel National News Oct 25, 2019
A Rosh Hashana Greeting Phyllis Chesler Sep 27, 2019
Are we really living in the 1930s? Israel National News Jul 15, 2019
"Shall we stand idly by?" The rape of Dinah Israel National News Jun 19, 2019
I stand by what I wrote on "Palestine" Israel National News Jun 12, 2019
Buddy Bolden, the Blues and the Jews New English Review Jun 01, 2019
Americans are in the midst of a dangerously uncivil Civil War Israel National News May 21, 2019
The NYTimes editorial: A clever attempt to gaslight us Israel National News May 03, 2019
We find ourselves in a new kind of Egypt - how do we leave it? Israel National News Apr 15, 2019
All kinds of rockets rain down on Israel Israel National News Mar 26, 2019
The clever cognitive war strategy deployed against Israel Israel National News Jan 30, 2019
Imaginary "Palestine" Israel National News Nov 21, 2018
Heroism is our only option Israel National News Nov 14, 2018
How the NYTimes explains anti-Semites away Israel National News Nov 05, 2018
L’Chayim: Phyllis Chesler on Feminism Phyllis Chesler Nov 01, 2018
American Jews have been sleepwalking Israel National News Oct 31, 2018
Rosh Hashana Greeting Phyllis Chesler Organization Sep 07, 2018
My Pesach Greeting Phyllis Chesler Mar 28, 2018
Extraordinary Jewish Women: Phyllis Chesler Risa Borsykowsky Mar 05, 2018
Web series spotlights extraordinary Jewish women Brooklyn Reporter Feb 21, 2018
There are some new sheriffs in town Israel National News Dec 06, 2017
The New Anti-Semitism at the New School Tablet Magazine Nov 27, 2017
Against Faux-Feminists Who Deny the Rights of Muslims and Jews Tablet Magazine Oct 02, 2017
Phyllis Chesler, at war with the 'Faux Feminists' of the left Tablet Magazine Sep 27, 2017
A ROSH HASHANA GREETING Phyllis Chesler Sep 18, 2017
Book review: Hello, Refugees! by Tuvia Tenenbom Elder of Ziyon Blogspot Aug 07, 2017
At a meeting of the Cognitive Jewish Warriors Israel National News Jul 16, 2017
Jewish Feminism Should Declare Bankruptcy The Daily Caller Jun 27, 2017
A 1931-32 Literary Masterpiece About Jews: Revived, Retranslated Israel National News Jun 26, 2017
"A View from the Balcony" - Faith, Feminism & 'The Women's Balcony' Menemsha Films Jun 16, 2017
My Evening With The Rebbe Phyllis Chesler May 19, 2017
Leaving Egypt in Haste Phyllis Chesler Apr 10, 2017
Snub or Honor: the Case of UJA NY Federation and Phyllis Chesler Jewish Press Mar 22, 2017
Does UJA have a problem with my opinions? Israel National News Mar 16, 2017
A Woman's Place Huffington Post Mar 01, 2017
A very busy day… Phyllis Chesler Jan 24, 2017
UN RESOLUTION 2334: OBAMA UNLEASHED Israel National News Dec 24, 2016
The real anti-Hanukkah fundamentalists Israel National News Dec 17, 2016
Author Talk at Books and Books Livestream and Cspan Author Event. Dec 08, 2016
Foreword: Jewish Women Speak Out N/A Nov 18, 2016
Jews In Crisis in Israel and Around the Globe 92nd Steet Y Nov 18, 2016
Jewish liberals, when will they ever learn? Phyllis Chesler Nov 15, 2016
Women, Judaism and Women of the Wall Hebrew Institute of Riverdale Nov 14, 2016
The lowering of the standard for truth among Americans Israel National News Oct 27, 2016
Op-Ed: Spilling drops of wine at the Seder - for whom? Arutz Sheva Apr 22, 2016
Not a Victory Tablet Magazine Feb 03, 2016
Phyllis Chesler: Psychoanalyst, Feminist, Fearless Spitfire Ravishly Dec 29, 2015
Feminist feels betrayed over anti-Semitism New Jersey Jewish News Dec 14, 2015
Rabbi Shmidman Speaks About Phyllis Chesler on her 75th Birthday YouTube Nov 25, 2015
The Jewish Future, Part 1 Commentary Magazine Oct 29, 2015
Hard-hearted Jews Israel National News Oct 27, 2015
Thank you Women of Reform Judaism for Such A Warm Reception N/A Oct 16, 2015
A Rosh Hashanah Greeting N/A Sep 09, 2015
A beacon of religious, non-violent and feminist struggle The Jerusalem Post Jun 22, 2015
As Spain Grants Exiled Jews Citizenship, Some Muslims Demand Return to 'Al-Andalus' Breitbart Jun 15, 2015
Tifereth Israel in New Bedford, Massachusetts N/A Jun 10, 2015
Phyllis Chesler At Jewish Federation Of Northeastern New York On 5/6 NPR May 01, 2015
A Brief Drash For Aish Hatorah About Parasha Shmot And Parasha Va'eira N/A Feb 25, 2015
Dr. Phyllis Chesler and Dr. Richard Landes JBS Jan 23, 2015
America's Forum - Newsmax Newsmax Jan 15, 2015
My Jewish Feminist Problem Tablet Magazine Dec 16, 2014
The Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy on "Death of Klinghoffer" Shalom TV/JBS Oct 20, 2014
Op-Ed: Body and Soul: The State of the Jewish Nation Israel National News Oct 13, 2014
A Rosh Hashana Greeting To My People Israel National News Sep 19, 2014
Look Ma, I'm on Shalom TV! Shalom TV Jun 17, 2014
From Slavery to Freedom The Jerusalem Post Apr 01, 2014
Op-Ed: Anti-Semitism, Old and New Israel National News Mar 15, 2014
This is Stalinism Now WND Feb 09, 2014
Honoring Unjustly Forgotten Foremothers The Jerusalem Post Jan 27, 2014
Out in the Open: Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism Israel National News Jan 21, 2014
I Won the National Jewish Book Award! N/A Jan 15, 2014
Let Us Now Praise Aliyah-Bet Hero The Jewish Press Nov 14, 2013
Drawn to Holiness: Women of the Wall Speak to the President of the Jewish Federations of North America. The Times of Israel Nov 07, 2013
A tenuous victory as Women of the Wall mark 25th anniversary The Times of Israel Nov 04, 2013
We are not bound by Anat Hoffman's negotiations with Minister Bennett The Times of Israel Oct 30, 2013
Split in Women of the Wall Widens The Forward Oct 22, 2013
Women Do Not Agree to Sit at the Back of the Bus The Huffington Post Oct 18, 2013
The Unwavering Dream of Women of the Wall Times of Israel and Huffington Post. Oct 10, 2013
What Is It About "Pluralism" That Drives Good Jews Crazy? The Times of Israel Aug 27, 2013
Excluding Women from the Ezrat Nashim is a Crime Before God The Times of Israel Jul 10, 2013
"Mean Girls" at the Western Wall The Times of Israel Jul 09, 2013
Twenty Five Years and Counting No More: Women's Struggle for Religious Rights in Jerusalem Times of Israel Jun 06, 2013
Sharansky's Non-Solution For Women Worshippers N/A Apr 16, 2013
Upper West Siders Forget to Think Jewish The Jewish Press Feb 03, 2013
Issues of Importance, Presidential Elections 2012 Israel National News Sep 13, 2012
A Time of Miracles Israel National News Apr 04, 2012
On the Islamophobia Train: The Rabbi and the Imam Israel National News Mar 16, 2012
Jews and Hindus: Building A Passage to India Israel National News Jan 11, 2012
'We Have Our Holocaust Museum In Our Hearts' The Jewish Press Apr 28, 2011
The Exodus' Lessons Israel National News Apr 18, 2011
The Sacrifice Of Sarah The Jewish Week Oct 26, 2010
Kedoshot Tihyena: Women of the Wall Striving for Holiness N/A Apr 30, 2010
A Passover Greeting Pajamas Media Mar 26, 2010
The Jewish Taliban in Jerusalem Pajamas Media Nov 18, 2009
Moral Courage: Irena Sendlerowa, Who Saved Jewish Children in WW2 in Poland Pajamas Media Apr 20, 2009
Many Ways Across The Sea The Jewish Week Feb 04, 2009
A Dvar on Vayishlach Jewcy Jewcy Dec 15, 2008
A Dvar on Vayishlach (Vayishlach Dvar #3) Yavne Minyan Dec 13, 2008
The Women of the Wall, Twenty Years On Pajamas Media Dec 05, 2008
The Women of the Wall, Twenty Years On Jewcy Nov 30, 2008
Pearls Out Of Paradise The Jewish Week Nov 18, 2008
The Rocket’s Red Glare, Bombs Bursting in Air…in Ashkelon. Pajamas Media Nov 05, 2008
My Jewish New Year Prayer for Us All Pajamas Media Sep 28, 2008
D'var Torah for Parshat Bo Yavne Minyan Jan 12, 2008
My Secret Life Pajamas Media Dec 05, 2007
A Bencher For Our Times The Jewish Press Dec 05, 2007
My Jewish Wars: A Dispatch From The Front Jewish Press May 16, 2007
An Evening of Faith and Promise The Jewish Press Jan 24, 2007
How a Holocaust Happens The Jewish Press May 03, 2006
Holocaust Remembrance FrontPageMagazine.com Apr 27, 2006
Breaking Sacred Ground for Equality Forward Forum Jul 02, 2004
Blithe Spirits, Rest In Peace The Jewish Press Jun 23, 2004
Sanctified by Ritual The Women's Passover Companion Feb 15, 2003
Women of the Wall N/A Nov 30, 2002
The Rape of Dina: On the Torah Portion of Vayishlach (Vayishlach Dvar #1) Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies and Gender Issues Aug 31, 2000
Second Dvar Torah on Vayishlach (Vayishlach Dvar #2) N/A Nov 27, 1999
Jewish Women in America Tikkun Apr 30, 1998
Wailing at the Wall On The Issues Aug 31, 1997
Hadassah Elevates a 'Radical Feminist' Forward Jul 19, 1997
Claiming Sacred Ground . On the Issues Jun 01, 1996
The Walls Came Tumbling Down: How Jewish Feminists Made History On the Issues Apr 12, 1989
The Walls Came Tumbling Down: How Jewish Feminists Made Made History On the Issues Apr 12, 1989
The Walls Came Tumbling Down: How Jewish Feminists Made Made History On the Issues Apr 12, 1989
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