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Phyllis Chesler
Books By Phyllis
. Article Title Publication Published
The Book of Ruth Tablet Magazine Nov 15, 2021
A Nazi mass murderer goes to Hollywood Israel National News Oct 31, 2021
How I Had to Fight My Publishers over Everything 4W Oct 25, 2021
How Our Best Feminist Work Goes Out of Print and Stays There 4W Oct 18, 2021
James Bond and I Go Back a Long Way New English Review Oct 11, 2021
People just love dead Jews Israel National News Oct 05, 2021
Reviewers Who Don a Writer’s Skin New English Review Sep 22, 2021
At War, Redeemed by a Moment of Opera: Aria Code Aria Code Aug 25, 2021
How Dare the French Do This? New English Review Jun 25, 2021
Another Woman Down New English Review Jun 18, 2021
The Woman They Could Not Silence: One Woman, Her Incredible Fight for Freedom, and the Men who Tried to Make Her Disappear New English Review May 27, 2021
In the Shadow of a Rainbow: The True Story of a Friendship Between Man and Wolf New English Review Apr 20, 2021
Woke Andrea Dworkin Tablet Magazine Apr 09, 2021
Can straight actors play gays? American Thinker Mar 05, 2021
The Sublime Sonya New English Review Mar 02, 2021
Eternal Hope in Norway: A Film Review New English Review Mar 02, 2021
Andrea Revised: Andrea Dworkin: The Feminist As Revolutionary by Martin Duberman Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence Jan 27, 2021
My Life at the Film Festival New English Review Jan 21, 2021
Are you pro-Israel? Then we'll pan your books on feminism Israel National News Dec 03, 2020
The Photographer Down the Hall New English Review Apr 06, 2020
What the Shut-in Watches New English Review Apr 02, 2020
Mr. Tambourine Man, Play A(nother) Song for Me New English Review Mar 30, 2020
The film “Hotel Mumbai” is a Must-See in order to understand what’s happening in India New English Review Mar 17, 2020
Rest in Peace, dearest Diva New English Review Mar 10, 2020
Hannah’s War on the Upper East Side New English Review Mar 04, 2020
What’s Popular, What’s Not New English Review Feb 19, 2020
Old Manhattan, Still Standing, but Owned By Others New English Review Feb 18, 2020
Old Manhattan Has Disappeared Before My Eyes New English Review Feb 17, 2020
Counting Our Blessings New English Review Feb 14, 2020
Francoise Atlan, superb Sephardic-Arabic-Moroccan singer New English Review Feb 14, 2020
Plisetskaya—Sublime Prima Ballerina, superb at 62 New English Review Feb 12, 2020
Meghan and Her Prince in the New World New English Review Press Feb 11, 2020
The Oscars—No, No, No. New English Review Press Feb 10, 2020
Half Time at the Super Bowl New English Review Press Feb 03, 2020
The Movie 'Bombshell' was quite a bombshell for me personally New English Review Press Feb 02, 2020
They do not care if they go down in history as barbarians Israel National News Jun 30, 2019
My Granddaughters, Dancing Phyllis Chesler Jun 10, 2019
The joy of literature without politics Phyllis Chesler Apr 09, 2019
The Divine Maria Callas New English Review Press Nov 21, 2018
Wonderful Endorsements, Please Share My Joy Phyllis Chesler May 21, 2018
A Judge in the Family and Artemisia off-Broadway Phyllis Chesler May 21, 2018
Leah Napolin, Whose ‘Yentl’ Adaptation Made Broadway, Dies at 83 New York Times May 16, 2018
Book review: Hello, Refugees! by Tuvia Tenenbom Elder of Ziyon Blogspot Aug 07, 2017
A 1931-32 Literary Masterpiece About Jews: Revived, Retranslated Israel National News Jun 26, 2017
The quest for honesty about Jews and Israel Israel National News Jun 11, 2017
Ariana Grande's Manchester charity concert is the kind of Girl Power we can all support FOX News Jun 01, 2017
Houellebecq’s Islamic “Submission” through American eyes Israel National News Mar 30, 2017
Jezebel and Ancient Times Come to Life in Martha Shelley's Fiction Phyllis Chesler Mar 09, 2017
A Woman's Place Huffington Post Mar 01, 2017
The Lies They Tell - Tuvia Tenenbom's latest book Israel National News Feb 25, 2017
A Gratifying Appraisal of My Work Journal of Women and Therapy Jan 25, 2017
A Gratifying Appraisal of My Work Journal of Women and Therapy Jan 25, 2017
The ongoing NYT propaganda campaign Arutz Sheva Sep 23, 2016
Renowned Women’s Rights Champion Blasts ‘Politically Correct Faux Feminists’ for Attacks Against ‘Zionist’ Star of Wonder Woman Movie The Algemeiner Jul 26, 2016
This Bigoted Radical Doesn’t Deserve a ‘Feminist Artist’ Award New York Post Jun 01, 2016
Feminist Totally Occupied by Palestine Israel National News May 24, 2016
Celebration For Phyllis Chesler from Nancy Azara YouTube Dec 15, 2015
Six PEN Writers Withdraw From Gala, Oppose Award to Charlie Hebdo Israel National News May 01, 2015
145 Authors Protest 'Freedom of Expression' Award to Charlie Hebdo as Islamophobic Breitbart May 01, 2015
"Complicit": FDR's Refusal to Save the Jews on the MS St. Louis Israel National News Apr 20, 2015
ISGAP Fellow Phyllis Chesler on The Hijacking of History by Opera: The Death of Klinghoffer ISGAP Oct 24, 2014
Op-Ed: What Would Toscanini Do? Israel National News Oct 23, 2014
Israel-Hatred 'Has Scaled the Wall of High Culture' Israel National News Oct 21, 2014
Op-Ed: A Talk with Director Gloria Greenfield: "Body and Soul" Israel National News Oct 20, 2014
Opera v. truth: The fetid fouls of 'Death of Klinghoffer' New York Post Oct 19, 2014
This Show Must Not Go On: Protest Rally at the Met Israel National News Sep 23, 2014
Klinghoffer: The Beatification of Terrorism Breitbart Sep 17, 2014
I Won the National Jewish Book Award! N/A Jan 15, 2014
Mukhtar Mai: The Opera On The Issues Magazine Jan 13, 2014
Q&A with Phyllis Chesler Rifflebooks.com Dec 18, 2013
Doris Lessing: R.I.P. On The Issues Magazine Nov 18, 2013
Cinematic Apartheid, the Folly of Appeasement, and the Righteous Artists of our Time Israel National News Jul 25, 2013
Op-Ed: L'Attentat: Suicide Bombing as a Female Career Option Israel National News Jun 26, 2013
Hacked - Thank You! The Times of Israel Jun 20, 2013
The Reluctantly Racist Filmmaker The Times of Israel May 08, 2013
For Ruth. A Tribute N/A Apr 24, 2013
"The Gatekeepers" Opens the Gate for Anti-Zionism Israel National News Apr 02, 2013
Jill Johnston: Word-Dancer N/A Nov 13, 2012
Dear Dawn. Aileen Wournos In Her Own Words N/A Nov 11, 2012
A Liberal vs. Multiculturalism: An Interview with Salim Mansur PJ Media Mar 02, 2012
I Am A Navy SEAL PJ Media Feb 24, 2012
My Week With Marilyn: When Innocence Was Sexy PJ Media Dec 04, 2011
My Meeting with The Girl With Three Legs PJ Media Nov 09, 2011
What Pre-Teen Princesses Can Learn from Shrek as They Become Warrior Women PJ Media Nov 02, 2011
Jewish Umbrella Group Defends Wiesenfeld in CUNY/Kushner Saga NewsRealBlog May 17, 2011
SPME to CUNY on Kushner's Honor: 'reverse this deeply uninformed decision' NewsRealBlog May 16, 2011
Just Who Nominated Tony Kushner WON'T Surprise You NewsRealBlog May 10, 2011
CUNY Trustees Set to Honor Anti-Israel Playwright NewsRealBlog May 07, 2011
Communist University of NY (CUNY) Denies Honor to Israel-Bashing Playwright Tony Kushner NewsRealBlog May 06, 2011
And the Oscar Goes to … Racist Jew-Hater Jean-Luc Godard NewsRealBlog Oct 25, 2010
The 99 Muslim Superheros Cartoons 77 WABC: Aaron Klein Investigative Radio Oct 24, 2010
A Disturbing Double Standard Fox News Oct 13, 2010
A New Kind of Theatre: Actors Against Israel Israel National News Sep 15, 2010
Mel Gibson Redux Pajamas Media Jul 23, 2010
Mel Gibson: Misogynist, Racist, Anti-Semite - and Great Actor Pajamas Media Jul 21, 2010
Sex, Lies, and Blogging Standards Pajamas Media Jul 19, 2010
Wonder Woman the Non-American: How Soon Will She Be Wearing A Burqa? NewsRealBlog Jul 05, 2010
Islamic Homosexual Pederasty and Afghanistan's "Dancing Boys" Pajamas Media Apr 21, 2010
Death By Hijab NewsRealBlog Apr 12, 2010
Islamist Takeover of Manhattan, No Bullets Fired Pajamas Media Apr 08, 2010
The Goddess That Failed Pajamas Media Mar 05, 2010
Artists Against Hatred: Confronting Genocide in the Middle East Pajamas Media Mar 03, 2010
Gender, Modernity and Liberty Middle East Quarterly Jan 13, 2010
Killing Jews in Oregon, Embracing Terrorists Off-Broadway Pajamas Media Oct 18, 2009
Arrivederci, Roma Pajamas Media Sep 12, 2009
Postcard from Bella Roma Pajamas Media Sep 08, 2009
Loving Books, Fearing For Their Future The Jewish Press Jul 22, 2009
Death to the Turbans, No More Stoning: Free Iran Pajamas Media Jul 11, 2009
Consolation in a Time of Madness Pajamas Media May 15, 2009
A Seriously Summer Reading List Pajamas Media Jun 11, 2008
Musings on a Rainy Afternoon Pajamas Media May 20, 2008
Full Circle: A Memoir City Journal Jan 09, 2008
Sad, Mad and Bad The Globe and Mail Dec 29, 2007
Marilyn Horne: An Evening with an American Legend Pajamas Media Dec 06, 2007
Land of the High Flags City Journal Nov 21, 2007
Palestine on the Pacific Pajamas Media Oct 10, 2007
The Devil in Darfur FrontPageMagazine.com Aug 09, 2007
A Mighty Big Lie FrontPageMagazine.com Jun 29, 2007
A Brief And Shining Moment Of Cultural Literacy Jewish Press Mar 22, 2006
When Reel Life Intrudes on the Mideast Conflict Forward Dec 30, 2005
France's Intifada FrontPageMagazine.com Nov 07, 2005
Murder, Lies, and Videotape FrontPageMagazine.com Nov 01, 2005
The Sins of Omission, Part Two The Jewish Press Aug 25, 2004
The Sins of Omission FrontPageMagazine.com Aug 17, 2004
Great Artistry, Dangerous Prejudice Midstream Apr 30, 2004
The Anti-Semitic Intelligentsia FrontPageMagazine.com Aug 21, 2003
Maria Callas: The Opera On The Issues Aug 31, 1999
A Meditation on the Sea On The Issues Aug 31, 1998
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