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Published on Jan 27, 2021 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence

Andrea Revised: Andrea Dworkin: The Feminist As Revolutionary by Martin Duberman

AND THERE SHE IS, IN A BLACK-AND-WHITE HEADSHOT, on the cover of Martin Duberman’s (2020a) important biography: Andrea Dworkin: The Feminist as Revolutionary. She is looking straight at us, her frank J’Accuse-like gaze somehow holding us accountable for all the evil in the world. Andrea is only college-age, but she already looks intense, serious, stubborn, determined, smoldering, formidable—a woman who cannot be easily dismissed even though she is so young. This Andrea resembles the photos of those women workers on strike in the early twentieth century on New York City’s lower east side, or even those of partisan fighters somewhere in the European woods, in World War Two.

Duberman may be the first major historian to write a full-length biography of Andrea both as an intellectual and as an activist. I am grateful to him for doing so. I only wish that this had appeared while she was still alive. Knowing her as I do, I bet she’d challenge parts of it far more strenuously than I will do in this review.

I note, with a heavy heart, that so much of our most radical and visionary work (1967-1979), was not only defamed and disappeared within a decade—but that the books about our movement have also been “disappeared” without a trace. Some of the best minds of my feminist generation whose works I once treasured, had to die before they would be taken seriously in the mass media.

Download the full review here.

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