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Published on May 21, 2018 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Phyllis Chesler

Wonderful Endorsements, Please Share My Joy

Dear Friends and Readers:

My forthcoming book, “A Politically Incorrect Feminist: Creating a Movement with Bitches, Lunatics, Dykes, Prodigies, Warriors, and Wonder Women,” has already obtained very good endorsements from outstanding thinkers, authors, and activists. Here they are, below. This book is being published on August 28th, 2018 and I may have a Book Event on August 27th in NYC. Stay tuned for the details. You may pre-order this book right now here.

As you may already know, I have also just published two other important books: “Islamic Gender Apartheid: A Veiled War Upon Women,” and “A Family Conspiracy: Honor Killing.” You may order them here and here.

“Phyllis Chesler stands out among women in general and feminists in particular. In this dark age of identity politics, when the rights of millions of women are sacrificed at the altar of intersectionality, Phyllis Chesler keeps us all focused on universal human rights for all women. This book is a must-read for all people who truly care about the rights of women.” -Ayaan Hirsi Ali, author of Infidel

"Chesler delves into the dark places that have sullied the feminist dream but also into the jewels of friendship, truthtelling, and history making. Chesler tells the stories of many feminists in all their complicated humanity... including, bravely, her own." - Paula J. Caplan, author of The Myth of Women's Masochism

This rather wry reprisal of her life both entertains and educates. The chapter "Sorely “Afflicted Feminist Geniuses" is unusually candid, bold, and fair. The obituary of the late great Kate Millett is eye-opening and worthy of praise in itself. This is the 18th book Chesler has offered us during her extraordinary public life. Her industry, endurance, inspiration, and general work ethic have always been both phenomenal and highly relevant internationally. - Linda Clarke, Author of On A Planet Sailing West

"An original, invaluable, and fast-paced story about how the daughter of working-class Jewish immigrants became a pioneer leader in America's struggle for women's rights. In riveting detail, Chesler recounts major feminist lawsuits in which she was personally involved. A brilliant and controversial read." - Alan M. Dershowitz, author of Taking the Stand: My Life in the Law

"This work is monumental. It is staggeringly good. Chesler captures us all: the women's movement, the quest for racial equality, nationally and globally." - Barbara Joans, author of Bike Lust: Harleys, Women, and American Society

"Dr. Chesler recaptures both the glory of feminist awakening and the audacity and passion of her early writings that inspired so many women and brought her fame. With the wisdom of age, she seeks balance, generosity, but not acceptance; her indignation on behalf of oppressed women, and her vision of liberation, are still as passionate as ever." - Judy L. Herman, author of Trauma and Recovery

"This is history in the raw. Without genuflecting to cults of personality or the collective narratives of the media, Chesler shines her laser analytic intelligence on the creativity, brilliant insights, heroic actions and sacrifices of the women who led and defined the greatest social movement of the 20th century. These women are actors on the stage of history and Chesler treats them with the respect and honesty they deserve. A deeply inspiring and relevant antidote to women of all ages everywhere." - Merle Hoffman, Author of Intimate Wars: The Life and Times of the Woman who brought Abortion from the back alley into the Boardroom

"Phyllis Chesler’s memoir is a most important part of the historical record. It discusses our major struggles, but also elucidates issues other feminists haven't touched on, or have glossed over. Chesler describes how feminists supported each other’s successes, or betrayed and undercut each other out of jealousy and ambition. She names names, and gives us the details. What’s new in Chesler’s memoir is the assertion that mental illness plagued a significant number of the leading figures of the women’s movement. Chapter 11 (itself worth the price of the book) explains how she came from a position of refusing to consider that feminists could be mentally ill to acknowledging that “some of our most beloved geniuses” were “clinically schizophrenic or manic depressive, suicidal, addicted to drugs or alcohol, etc.” She points out that the same has been true for many great male artists." - Martha Shelley, Author of The Throne in the Heart of the Sea

"Marvelous. Outrageous, brilliant, and courageous, Chesler is the perfect person to guide us into the nuances and complexities of feminist activities in the 1970s and how we are not finished yet in the 21st century..I couldn’t put it down." -Lenore Walker, Author, The Battered Woman

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