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Posted in: Arts, Film & Culture

Published on Feb 11, 2020 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by New English Review Press

Meghan and Her Prince in the New World

The beautiful actress will find work. She has friends all over North America and a history here. He—not so much. Will he be a househusband? A “brand” for sale? Does he now have a price? Why did Prince Harry leave the fabled castles, titles, stipends, horse shows, ribbon-cuttings, his grandmother, the Queen of England, his brother, the future King, and all the other pomp and circumstance? Common wisdom believes that ruthless media paparazzi led to his mother’s accident and death and that the chilly and regimented ways of the royal family broke his mother’s wild and beating heart. Now, he will not risk losing his wife to similar hostile scrutiny or coldness. But the Prince has never known another life. Can he really make a new life in the New World? Ah, he is very much his mother’s son. She, too, leapt over the palace walls, put love before duty, demanded her own happiness. And so, the first act of what sounds like a tragic opera has begun.

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