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Published on Jan 25, 2017 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Journal of Women and Therapy

A Gratifying Appraisal of My Work

Yesterday, a most respectful and gratifyingly sweeping appraisal of my life work was posted online at the Journal of Women and Therapy. Dr. Claudia Pitts (someone whom I do not know), has blessed me with her understanding and kindness. She opens her appraisal by writing: "Phyllis Chesler was truly a voice in the wilderness," and a "source of inspiration for many," and closes it by writing that I've made a "remarkable contribution," that my voice has "served as a catalyst...that without her, we would not be, today, where we are."

Here's the abstract:

"Phyllis Chesler’s life and work have made significant contributions on topics as diverse as pornography, prostitution, motherhood, custody, surrogacy, a woman’s right to self-defense, racism, including anti-Semitism, Israel, Islamic gender and religious Apartheid, and feminism. Her first major work, Women and Madness (Chesler, 1972 Chesler, P. (1972). Women and Madness. New York: Doubleday.), was one of the earliest works of the second wave feminist movement to address issues such as the mistreatment of women, particularly in rape and incest; female role models; and spirituality in mental health services. She remains a much sought after speaker, a global activist, and a source of inspiration for many."

What can I say except I am filled with gratitude; that I wish Dr. Claudia a long and productive life; and that I will continue making waves and charting new courses, both in this lifetime and thereafter.

Dr. Phyllis

P.S. The article is expensive to obtain. I am not allowed to distribute it widely. I am negotiating a merciful discount so that I may be able to do so in the future although this may not be possible.

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