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Phyllis Chesler
Books By Phyllis
. Article Title Publication Published
A Mother’s Birthday Greeting to Her Son Phyllis Chesler Jan 06, 2021
How Covid-19 Amplifies the Failures of Family Court New York Review of Books Sep 02, 2020
On the Proposed Legalization of Commercial Surrogacy: I Thought We Had Abolished the Sale of Human Beings Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence Jan 15, 2020
Gilead Resembles an Islamic Theocracy, not Trump’s America Quillette Oct 02, 2019
Commercial surrogacy should stay illegal in N.Y.: A feminist’s perspective New York Daily News Jun 13, 2019
Handmaids for Hire: Should Commercial Surrogacy Be Legalized in NYS? New York Law Journal Feb 22, 2019
A Tribute to My Work NOMAS Jul 29, 2016
A Tribute to My Work NOMAS Jul 29, 2016
How Mothers Are Destroyed When They Try to Protect Their Children Phyllis Chesler May 19, 2016
The Heroic Mothers of Lost Children Phyllis Chesler May 10, 2016
Motherhood Hall of Fame Acceptance Remarks YouTube Mar 07, 2014
Zen and the Art of Motherhood N/A Mar 07, 2014
Can 'Good Enough' Mothers Lose Custody of their Children to Violent and Abusive Men? Argument & Critique Dec 23, 2013
Is World War Needed to Protect Our Children? On the Issues Magazine May 16, 2013
Jewish-American Mother Tortured in Solitary Confinement in America N/A Nov 16, 2011
Pray for A Jewish Mother in an American Jail Israel National News Nov 10, 2011
MOM Takes Manhattan: The First Museum of Motherhood Opens Pajamas Media Oct 11, 2011
Excerpt from Phyllis Chesler's Book "Mothers On Trial" Fox News Aug 05, 2011
Dr. Phyllis Chesler on Casey Anthony Rock 102: Bax and O'Brien Jul 15, 2011
What to Expect When You Are Expecting a Divorce Fox News Jul 08, 2011
Mothers on Trial N/A Jul 01, 2011
Mothers on Trial Kirkus Reviews Jul 01, 2011
Custody Disputes Now Tougher for Battered Moms Women's eNews Jun 26, 2011
Mothers on Trial Library Journal Jun 15, 2011
Mother's Day - What Becoming a Mother Can Mean to a Woman Fox News May 08, 2011
The Nightmare Gets Worse for An American Woman and Her Child Trapped In Bahrain Fox News Aug 27, 2010
Should an American Citizen be Forced to Live Under Sharia Law? Pajamas Media Jun 18, 2010
A False Fairy Tale Leaves a Child Trapped, A Mother In Crisis In Bahrain Fox News Jun 17, 2010
Octuplets: A Frankenstinian Moment in Modern Obstetrics Pajamas Media Feb 02, 2009
American Woman, Arab Man Pajamas Media Jun 20, 2008
The mother-daughter wars Salon Jun 10, 2008
Mom Naps, Little Girl Drowns Court TV: Closing Arguments Feb 19, 2003
Jewish Mother and Son: The Feminist Version Jewish Mothers Tell Their Stories Dec 31, 1999
Who Has Custody of Woman's Eggs? Newsday Jul 02, 1998
With Child N/A May 01, 1998
Letters to a Young Feminist N/A Dec 18, 1997
Is Every Woman One Divorce Away From Financial Disaster? On The Issues Nov 30, 1996
Feminist Foremothers in Women's Studies, Psychology, and Mental Health N/A Jan 03, 1996
Mothers on Trial: Custody and the "Baby M" Case The Sexual Liberals and the Attack on Feminism Apr 15, 1990
Mother-Hatred and Mother-Blaming: What Electra Did to Clytemnestra Motherhood: A Feminist Perspective Apr 15, 1990
Strong Mothers, Weak Wives: The Search for Gender Equality Canadian Journal of Women and The Law Jun 15, 1989
Mothers on Trial Psychology Today Jan 31, 1986
Mothers on Trial Kirkus Reviews Nov 01, 1985
With Child The Charlotte Observer Feb 03, 1980
With Child The Washington Post Dec 23, 1979
Being a Feminist Doesn't Mean She Can't Have a Baby The Baltimore Sun Nov 21, 1979
With Child Los Angeles Times Nov 15, 1979
Joint Custody, Mothers On Trial CBS Nov 30, -0001
Interview on Baby M. Satelite TV Nov 30, -0001
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