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Published on Dec 18, 1997 by Phyllis Chesler

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Letters to a Young Feminist

Letters to a Young Feminist is a visionary message from a leading feminist to the generation of feminists -men and women- emerging today. With frankness and candor, Phyllis Chesler discusses the basic aspects of feminism, explains feminism's relevance in a world that is in danger of taking it for granted, and steers the next generation toward reclaiming feminism for itself. Chesler examines sisterhood, sex, families, and motherhood, work, feminist heroism, and the economics of power, providing guidance to the generation to come. Available in paperback and hardcover.


"A generation ago, Phyllis Chesler addressed the world in the clear, spirited voice of a young revolutionary. Now a wise woman, entirely unrepentant, she still speaks with the same ringing clarity."
-- Judith Lewis Herman

"Chesler does an admirable job. She writes poignantly of the way in which her generation 'was eerily silent about woman-hating among women, including among feminists.' She implores readers to adopt a more global perspective on women's rights, she urges young women to be unafraid of the repercussions of getting good and angry."
-- New York Times

" Feminists young and old have a lot to learn from this book."
-- Letty Cottin Pogrebin

"To read this essential handbook is to be reminded that Phyllis Chesler remains one of the great, dazzling philosopher/phrasemakers of both her movement and her time."
-- Barbara Seaman

"This is a frank assessment of the past and a radical recipe for the future."
-- Chicago Tribune

"Chesler speaks truth to the emerging generations. If you listen, you will hear her bold love and desire to protect us with hard-earned wisdom and experience."
-- Z. Budapest

"This is a warm, personal, political, irresistible guide for young feminists, women and men."
-- Gloria Steinem

"Chesler offers words to live by and feminist fairytales not to forget. These letters read like mythic words of wisdom whispered in the dead of the night into open, twenty-something feminist ears."
-- Women's Review of Books

"It's about time somebody set the record straight. This is a splendid book that would make a fine textbook for use in women's studies classes... a wonderful, essential book."
-- Joanna Russ

"I intend to give this book to my sixteen-year-old granddaughter, who will know very well how to relate its deep experience and insights into the past to her present and to her imagined future."
-- Jill Johnston

"Written in a series of short, conversational letters, this is a sweet, poignant, provocative, smart, wise, book... Her humanity, her crystal-clear logic, won me over and charmed me absolutely. "
-- East Hampton Star

"The sweet, clear voice of these Letters should reach across the generation gap like Joshua's trumpet. This is Phyllis Chesler writing at the top of her form."
-- Susan Brownmiller

"Chesler powerfully addresses those lies we tell ourselves. Her heartfelt and unflinching letters come an a welcome antidote... She provides a needed stepping stone, challenging us to continue her generation's world-changing legacy."
-- Tikkun

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