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. Article Title Publication Published
Team of Radical Feminists Rescues Thirty Afghan Feminists 4W Aug 28, 2021
Practicing Feminism While White The Investigative Project on Terrorism May 05, 2021
Congressional Law Fails to Reach Female Genital Mutilation FrontPage Magazine Dec 05, 2018
In ISIS-Controlled Territories, Forcing Women to Cover Up Has Deep Psychological Effects Yahoo! Health Dec 01, 2015
UK Police Declare War on Female Genital Mutilation as 'Cutting Season' Approaches Breitbart Aug 03, 2015
Female Muslim Author Beaten, Sent to Mental Hospital After Praising Rushdie Breitbart Apr 14, 2015
Palestinian Journalist Chronicles Brutal Life of Muslim Sister Wives Breitbart Mar 23, 2015
Feminist Muslims Fight Genital Mutilation's Growing Popularity Breitbart Feb 23, 2015
Syrian Doctors: ISIS Jihadists 'Demanding Viagra,' Lingerie for Wives and Slaves Breitbart Feb 17, 2015
ISIS Women's Guide: 'Emasculation of Muslim Men... Tearing Society Apart' Breitbart Feb 06, 2015
Teen Muslim Girls Face Arrest in Malaysia for Hugging K-Pop Boy Band Breitbart Jan 15, 2015
The Bloody Beast Salivates as Pro-Islamist Journalists Ring the Dinner Bell NewsRealBlog Mar 03, 2011
Is the Arab Middle East Really Ready for a True Revolution? NewsRealBlog Feb 14, 2011
Am I the Only One Troubled By Cairo Street Scenes? NewsRealBlog Feb 01, 2011
An American Muslim Hero: Dr. Ali Alyami Pajamas Media Feb 18, 2010
Mothers-in-Law: Not a Laughing Matter Pajamas Media Feb 16, 2010
Lancet Study Blames Palestinian Wife-Beating on Israel Pajamas Media Jan 24, 2010
Al Qaeda Tells Women to Be Suicide Bombers Pajamas Media Dec 18, 2009
Why is America Still Allied with Saudi Arabia? Pajamas Media Nov 24, 2009
Battered Women, Si; America-Haters, No Pajamas Media Jul 16, 2009
The High Cost of Western Idealism Pajamas Media May 13, 2009
An American Dissident's Fighting Words Pajamas Media Oct 26, 2007
Towards a Universal Doctrine of Human Rights Pajamas Media Oct 09, 2007
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