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. Article Title Publication Published
People just love dead Jews Israel National News Oct 05, 2021
The 800 Jewish Holocaust orphans of Selvino Israel National News Feb 11, 2021
Kristallnacht: Lights left on to mark 80th anniversary BBC Nov 09, 2018
Third Intifada or Third Reich? Israel National News Oct 08, 2015
Sir Nicholas Winton: One Daring Act of Kindness Can Change the World Breitbart - Israel National News Jul 01, 2015
"Complicit": FDR's Refusal to Save the Jews on the MS St. Louis Israel National News Apr 20, 2015
24 Days, 26 Murderers: The Story of Ilan Halimi Israel National News Apr 17, 2015
An American-Jewish Hero In Israel The Jewish Press Jul 04, 2014
Italy and Europe to Rally for Israel Pajamas Media Sep 24, 2010
Interview on American Jews and 'The Absence of Outrage' Israel National News Apr 18, 2010
Jews Confront the Abyss Pajamas Media Apr 13, 2010
Moral Courage: Irena Sendlerowa, Who Saved Jewish Children in WW2 in Poland Pajamas Media Apr 20, 2009
How a Holocaust Happens The Jewish Press May 03, 2006
Holocaust Remembrance FrontPageMagazine.com Apr 27, 2006
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