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Phyllis Chesler
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. Article Title Publication Published
Marcia Freedman Was Part of My Pioneering Feminist Generation 4W Oct 12, 2021
James Bond and I Go Back a Long Way New English Review Oct 11, 2021
The Progressive Erasure of Feminism Tablet Magazine Aug 04, 2021
Gender identity run wild Israel National News Feb 28, 2021
Ein Brief an Jeff Bezos, den Fürsten von Amazon Achgut Jan 22, 2021
My Life at the Film Festival New English Review Jan 21, 2021
A Letter to Jeff Bezos, the Amazon Prince New English Review Jan 15, 2021
Kim Chernin, R.I.P. Phyllis Chesler Jan 08, 2021
A drive around Manhattan Israel National News Dec 30, 2020
Citizens Gone Wild #19: Phyllis Chesler A Shared Universe Podcast Network Dec 16, 2019
Female imam wins University of Oslo's Human Rights Award 2019 Phyllis Chesler Oct 16, 2019
They do not care if they go down in history as barbarians Israel National News Jun 30, 2019
Commercial Surrogacy Breeds False Equality Between Sperm, Egg and Nine Months of Pregnancy and Childbirth New York Law Journal Mar 11, 2019
Congressional Law Fails to Reach Female Genital Mutilation FrontPage Magazine Dec 05, 2018
A Judge in the Family and Artemisia off-Broadway Phyllis Chesler May 21, 2018
Chesler Video Interview on the Survival of Western Civilization New English Review Press Jan 07, 2018
My Questions About the #MeToo Moment Huffington Post Jan 05, 2018
The Forgotten History of Black Women Protesting Sexual Assault Huffington Post Jan 04, 2018
Argentinian lesson: Evil triumphs when good people fear to stop it Israel National News Jan 02, 2018
He only stole a poster, but he was white and so he was murdered for it Israel National News Jun 21, 2017
Phyllis Chesler: Are Jews ready to leave America? Fox News Feb 28, 2017
Anti-Trump protesters don’t know what a real dictator is New York Post Nov 11, 2016
Islam, Sexual Violence, and the West The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jul 28, 2016
President Obama's July 6th greeting to Muslims for Eid al Fitr Arutz Sheva Jul 07, 2016
Refugee Reality New York Post Jun 30, 2016
So what if Orlando terrorist was gay? Motives don't matter when terrorists are shooting Fox News Jun 14, 2016
Denying Reality Will Get Us Killed Phyllis Chesler Jun 13, 2016
Op-Ed: An act of "domestic terrorism" - or part of a larger looming disaster Arutz Sheva Jun 13, 2016
How Many Bodies Will it Take? Phyllis Chesler Jun 13, 2016
Feminist Totally Occupied by Palestine Israel National News May 24, 2016
Veiled Betrayal: Respect Muslim Women, But Don't Sell Them Out. New York Post Apr 06, 2016
Op-Ed: How long until Arabs and Muslims rule, Britannia? Israel National News Mar 12, 2016
Op-Ed: Hijab in the US navy Israel National News Jan 15, 2016
Let the Fear Mongering Begin CBC Oct 30, 2015
Jihadist Jew-Hunting in Jerusalem and Shomron FrontPage Mag Oct 05, 2015
As Spain Grants Exiled Jews Citizenship, Some Muslims Demand Return to 'Al-Andalus' Breitbart Jun 15, 2015
L'Chayim: Election Round Table JBS Mar 22, 2015
Netanyahu Speech Unites Congress- and Diminishes Obama Breitbart Mar 03, 2015
Islamists Demand Australian Senator 'Introduce Sharia Law' or Be Beheaded Breitbart Mar 02, 2015
Kayla Mueller and the History of Westerners Giving Their Lives to the Middle East Breitbart Feb 13, 2015
France Implores Jews Not To Leave, Offers Military Protection Breitbart Jan 28, 2015
Radical Muslim Scholars Demand UN Impose Worldwide Ban on 'Contempt of Religion' Breitbart Jan 22, 2015
100 Women 2014: What is an 'honour killing'? BBC Oct 23, 2014
After Death Sentence and Imprisonment for 'Apostasy,' Sudanese Mother Arrives in Italy Breitbart Jul 24, 2014
The Bigger Story in the Real War on Women Breitbart May 31, 2014
Go inside the world of Honor Killings with Phyllis Chesler Lars Larsen Radio May 08, 2014
The Bride Wears Aqua YouTube and Palgrave-Macmillan May 01, 2014
3/27 Newsmax Interview Newsmax Mar 28, 2014
Marrying Young is Like Living in a Muslim Country Fox News Mar 19, 2014
Alone in Afghanistan Jerusalem Post Nov 21, 2013
Letter to the Editor—Honor Killings New York Times Oct 24, 2013
Rabbi David J. Kaufman's "Understanding the World" www.12Talk2.com Oct 17, 2013
Should one never speak to an ex-spouse? FoxNews.com Oct 01, 2013
Voting for 'victims' FOX News Sep 10, 2013
Dial Three for Arabic for Public Assistance in Michigan, USA Israel National News Aug 15, 2013
Family Feuds, Wild East Style Huffington Post Jul 02, 2013
The Price of Justice for a Raped Pakistani Girl The Huffington Post May 30, 2013
The crisis of individualism Fox News May 23, 2013
The Indian Gang Rape-Murder Just Scratched the Surface Israel National News Jan 02, 2013
Stevens Video: Dancing With Corpses, Dancing in Blood Israel National News Sep 21, 2012
Hindu vs. Muslim Honor Killings Middle East Quarterly Jul 19, 2012
American Muslims Show Support for NY Police American Thinker Mar 06, 2012
The Anti-Islamist Muslim Voice PJ Media Mar 05, 2012
Ten Minutes on Honor Killings Israel National News Mar 01, 2012
Why Multiculturalism Is Racism PJ Media Feb 17, 2012
Is The NYT's Agenda to Normalize Islam in the West? Israel National News Jan 25, 2012
Multiculturalism = Racism Israel National News Aug 11, 2011
Commander In Sleaze Fox News Jan 08, 2011
The Muslims Are Coming, The Muslims Are Coming NewsRealBlog Oct 22, 2010
The Immigration Issue Is Not About Racism Pajamas Media May 14, 2010
ANOREXIA BECOMES ELECTRA New York Times Jul 21, 1985
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