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A very busy day… Phyllis Chesler Jan 24, 2017
The Terrorist Wears a Burqa Frontpagemag.com Dec 14, 2015
'Women's studies' is betraying women under Sharia law New York Post Dec 06, 2015
The Great American Custody Wars Huffington Post Oct 22, 2015
Tapan Ghosh: Bringing Back Our Girls FrontPage Mag Oct 02, 2015
When Women Commit Honor Killings Middle East Quarterly Sep 15, 2015
UK Police Declare War on Female Genital Mutilation as 'Cutting Season' Approaches Breitbart Aug 03, 2015
Injustice as Usual: Malala Assassins Secretly Acquitted in Pakistan Breitbart Jun 05, 2015
Yazidi Victims of Mass Rape Threatened with Death Upon Release from ISIS Captivity Breitbart May 28, 2015
UN to Advocate for Rights of Child Sex Slaves: Don't Call It 'Prostitution' Breitbart Apr 01, 2015
Feminist Muslims Fight Genital Mutilation's Growing Popularity Breitbart Feb 23, 2015
Why are jihadis so obsessed with porn? New York Post Feb 18, 2015
Turkey Calls for Campaign Against 'Violence Against Women' While Honor Killings Remain Rampant Breitbart Feb 16, 2015
Make Susan B. Anthony Day a national holiday Fox News Feb 13, 2015
Indonesia Does Away With 'Virginity Tests' For High School Girls After Public Outcry Breitbart Feb 11, 2015
ISIS Women's Guide: 'Emasculation of Muslim Men... Tearing Society Apart' Breitbart Feb 06, 2015
New Study Showing Half of Liberian Girls, Women Undergo FGM Not a Surprise Breitbart Dec 11, 2014
UAE Media Debate Burqa Ban Following Brutal Stabbing of American Teacher in Abu Dhabi Breitbart Dec 05, 2014
An American Infidel in Abu Dhabi Breitbart, reposted at Middle East Forum. Dec 04, 2014
Bread Cast Upon the Waters N/A Nov 17, 2014
Punished For Being Raped and For Accusing Rapists: Women's Burden Under Sharia Breitbart Oct 28, 2014
Op-Ed: What Would Toscanini Do? Israel National News Oct 23, 2014
British Officials Uncover Hundreds of New Cases of Female Genital Mutilation in the UK Breitbart Oct 17, 2014
Western Sex Slaves for ISIS: The Twisted Psychology of Jihad Brides Breitbart Aug 13, 2014
West Bank Feminist Academics Condemn Israel (!) For Promoting Rape, Sexism, and Genocide. Breitbart Aug 07, 2014
Muslim Women's Liberation Movement Leader: Biggest Opposition from Some Sister Muslims Breitbart Jun 11, 2014
The Next Great Movement: Muslim Women's Liberation Breitbart Jun 10, 2014
The Bigger Story in the Real War on Women Breitbart May 31, 2014
Girls Raped Then Hanged in Uttar Pradesh, India, Force Focus on Rape Worldwide Breitbart May 29, 2014
An Open Letter to Gil Ronen Israel National News Jan 03, 2012
Gay opposition rises against Israel Apartheid Week The Jerusalem Post Mar 27, 2011
A Message from Phyllis Chesler N/A Mar 14, 2011
Interview with Phyllis Chesler Publishers Weekly Jan 01, 1978
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