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Like Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway, I, too, wanted the party to be perfect—and it was. I managed to gather so many different worlds in the same room, so many excellent people who hold different and opposing views, and yet everyone found the assembled company to be "fascinating" "interesting," "extraordinary," "so much fun." These are some of the phrases that came back to please me. Present were radical feminists and financial advisors, socialists and business men and women, philanthropists, philosophers, photographers, physicians, psycho-analysts, lawyers, judges, painters, human rights activists, world travelers, transportation experts, security experts, linguists, Talmud scholars, authors, literary editors, judges, professors, religious activists, theorists of education, world-class religious conservatives and world-class and ardent secularists. There were no arguments, no one wanted to leave—some people stayed for five hours and a very good time was had by all. The hostess was only able to join the party after all but twelve guests had gone. Then, conversation was possible and very pleasurable.