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I hosted a New Year’s Day dinner for some cherished, noble, Second Wave lesbian and bisexual feminists. We discussed how successive waves of feminists have raised the issue of sexual violence against women and wondered whether the #Me Too movement would remain only a virtual revolution or will lead to legal precedents that are enforced for all women, not only for entertainers and corporate executives. We discussed the Balkanization of identity—and the very real differences between lesbians growing up in the 1940s and 1950s, and straight women. Some insisted that we had come a long way—and others viewed our progress as disappointing, given our own unrealistic expectations that feminists would Change It All in our lifetimes. But we also shared precious memories, and remembered those who are no longer with us. And a good time was had by all. Present and photographed: Myself, Paulette Pettorino, Barbara Love, Donna Smith, Nancy Azara, Darla Bjork, Ellen (Bissert) Helinka, Noreen Connell. Not shown but very much present: Evan Morley, Helene Kostre, Merle Hoffman, and Susan L. Bender.