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I drove nearly six hours round-trip on the same day in order to honor my commitment to speak at Har Zion Synagogue, located in a gracious suburb of Philadelphia right near the Main Line--in Penn Valley. I had a bite beforehand with some very warm and very smart women of the Sisterhood. Shonnie Leibowitz expertly organized the entire event. The QNA is always the most interesting part of the evening and these questioners did not fail me. I had forgotten to tape it which I had intended to do so I could share it....but in the excitement, simply did not do so. "What hope do you have for America bringing democracy to these cultures now on fire?" "Did you do any homework about Islam or Afghanistan before setting out on your adventure?" "Did your parents know the danger you were in?" "What did you tell people when you returned?" "I think you were unusually heroic and compassionate to reconnect with your Afghan husband after all that happened--what do you think, what do others think about this?"