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I was overwhelmed with love last night at the Rockland County Jewish Community Center. Gift of all sorts: a gorgeous gold and diamond bracelet--and even more precious than jewels, was the extraordinary warmth and organizational efficiency of Director Micki Leader and her team together with the unexpected testimony of a former student. She said that I changed her life way back in 1969 after taking a course with me. She said that I had scared her with my "long black hair and high leather boots" but that my teaching had opened her eyes to a world and set her on her path, one that her small Catholic High School had not envisioned for her. Bless you Linda Fitzpatrick for speaking out. And, when I signed books afterwards, (An American Bride in Kabul sold like the proverbial hotcake), another woman told me that when she heard me speak in Rockland County in 1976, she knew she had to go to law school--and did just that. Thank you, Leslye M. Schlesinger, for telling me. I rarely get to hear about how my work has affected the lives of others. The very large crowd that came was incredibly appreciative, even loving, and savvy. I was introduced by my friend and colleague, Dr. Robert (Bob) Brannon, and his words were so amazingly grand that I hope to publish them. He, Phyllis Frank (who was also there), and I go way back to the early 1970's. We know what real feminism is like and we try to practice it each and every day.