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Last night we gathered to toast a farewell to long-time feminist philosopher, horticulturalist, spiritualist, devotee of GuruMayi and opera fan, Carol Dunn, who is about to return to her native England. She will be living fifty yards from the sea, near her sister, an hour from whimsical, fanciful, Brighton, a mere hour from London. Carol's long-time partner, and my dear friend, Judy O'Neill, died some years ago; her Memorial service was quite special, dare I say even elegant. And so: Carol and I now have a date to see the opera in London, date to be determined. Pictured are Carol, Fran Winant, Flavia Rando, Roberta Gould, Sandy Miller, and Judith Mullen; not pictured: Pat Moran. All stalwarts of the radical feminist movement in NYC.