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My first book event for An American Bride in Kabul: Those gathered at Temple Avodah in Oceanside, Long Island, NY, were warm, supportive, sophisticated, eager, and appreciative. Their questions were endearing, curious, concerned, and not always easy to answer. Every book was sold and dutifully signed. A man who looked somewhat familiar but whom I couldn't' immediately place—turned out to be my accountant! The Temple's Director of Education, Karen B. Feit, once worked at another synagogue in the city where I prayed. (Bless her: She has chosen Bride for her book club in November). Afterwards: A woman whom I did not recognize came up to thank me for having given her hospitality thirty four years ago! Another woman said she'd thought our paths had once crossed: My second husband had left a girlfriend of hers to follow me to America! A third woman thought I looked familiar but could not quite place me; afterwards, she emailed me. We had gone to High School together and she had gone home and found my photo in our High School Year book. A physician told me about his humanitarian tour of duty in Laos, a Bar Association Community Administrator told me about counseling battered immigrant, mainly Muslim, women and asked some hard questions. I am very grateful to Roberta Treacey for having organized such a wonderful evening.