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A Sixtieth High School Reunion: October, 2018 And there we were, a bit later the same day, Brooklyn kids one and all, now older and grayer, some on canes and walkers, many still striding boldly without any assistance. We were born at a lucky moment in history, and we had magnificent public school teachers (I particularly remember Mr. Horowitz: English Literature) Mr. Rubel, (Music) Mrs. Rosenkrantz, (Literature) Ms. Gelfand/Geltman (Math)—and so we became teachers, lawyers, college professors, doo-wop singers, doctors, nurses, actors, authors, CEOs, business executives, executive secretaries, legal secretaries, etc. One classmate brought a copy of “A Politically Incorrect Feminist” for me to sign and others called out that “You’re our Celebrity! And I, Brooklyn born and bred responded: “Oh, cut the BS, it’s me, Phyllis....” But I was moved by the woman who came up to thank me for helping her achieve success....and told her it was our movement that did that, not just me. Most of us were Italian Catholics (Di Bello, Bellontine, , Camerdella, Coniglione, Conti, De Luca, Livoti, Marinaro—on and one and some of us were Jewish (Feig, Kessler, Bartel—and Shelia Levinsky, who has organized our reunions with skill, verve, and determination. We are all in her debt. How many of us will be there for our 65th or 70th reunion?