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Published on Oct 05, 2009 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

This Time, the Jewish Ghetto Has Nuclear Weapons

But For How Long?

So, let me understand this.

If an Israeli diplomat visits a European country and the Foreign Ministry decides to protect him (even though he is not the Prime or Foreign Minister), then that exceptional Israeli is not vulnerable to being arrested as an alleged "war criminal."

So far, so good. But, what if an ordinary Israeli (everyone serves in the army, everyone is in the reserves) visits, let's say, Londonistan, might he or she be arrested and shipped to the Hague on Goldstone-exacerbated "war crime" charges? I raised this question here before and have since discussed it with a number of Israeli friends. Outrageous as it seems, they believe this possibility must be taken seriously. After all, where Jews are concerned reality is surreal.

I've been writing about the war against the Jews for eight years now. Increasingly, I am outraged, frustrated, by how viral Jew-hatred has become, how synchronized it now is: Just like the co-ordinated attacks by jihadic homicidal mass murderers.

And, by the way: Why call them "suicide" bombers? The first word already has our sympathy, ("poor guy, he is so unhappy he wants to kill himself") when in fact we are talking about vicious mass murderers?

The hijacking of language deserves some kind of anti-Nobel prize—the latest example of which is President Obama's craven approval of restricting free speech at the United Nations, a decision which is so well co-ordinated with the upcoming trial of Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilders for exercising free speech when it comes to telling the truth about jihadic Islam, and with Yale University Press's removal of the Danish "Mohammed" cartoons from the book they've just published on the very subject.

Folks: It's even bigger than the Jews. But I digress.

Thus, back to the hijacking of language and the Blood Libels against the Jews. Israel has been demonized as a "Nazi, Apartheid" state which has built an "apartheid" wall. Talk about Apartheid Walls indeed! It seems to me that Israel as a Jewish state is being ghettoized even more fatefully than Jews once were in the capital cities of Europe. Daily, hourly, the good name of Israel is besmirched in the halls of the United Nations; daily, new instruments which legalize Jew hatred are passed, the Saudi funding keeps pouring in to all those pro-boycott and Nuke Israel groups whose Palestinianization is now complete. Please pay attention to who is funding J Street. Lenny Ben David has done so in these pages. The foot soldiers are completely hypnotized; I do not know what will awaken them. Their Jewish leaders? That's the subject of another piece.

Look: Once, the Jews had Hitler at their throats; Hitler, a man who feared he himself was "tainted" by Jewish blood. The historical evidence suggests that his paranoia may have been founded in fact, that Hitler may indeed have had a Jewish ancestor. Now, we've been told (at least by the British media) that Ahmadinejad's family converted from Judaism to Islam when Ahmadinejad was four years old. However, an Iranian confidante assures me that this cannot be true, that Ahmadinejad grew up in the slums of Teheran and his family's name was never "Sabourjian," apparently a Jewish-Persian name.

So, on the one hand, at my worst moment, I see Israel being potentially walled up, walled in, its back to the wall, facing a nuclear holocaust.
But I also see something else, namely, the increased likelihood that if Israelis travel, (see my opening two paragraphs), they might be arrested. Or refused lodgings. Or forced to hide their religious insignia. Or cursed on the street. These days, both Israelis and Jews can't visit many Muslim countries: Not allowed, too dangerous. Well, that's true now for Christians too.

On the other hand, if Israelis just stay put, they find themselves stoned when they gather to peacefully pray on a holy day at their own most sacred spot for worship—as just happened yesterday at the Western Wall (Kotel). And, let's not forget (Mr. Goldstone, are you listening?): Between 2001-2004, Israelis were under incessant attack and in danger of being blown up by homicidal mass murderers; for seven years, those who live in Sderot found themselves going crazy with seven years of non-stop Kassam rocket attacks– attacks which Hamas directed towards civilians, including children, schools, and hospitals, a fact which Mr. Goldstone did not find all that serious a provocation.

The world really does not hold Palestinian terrorists accountable for their barbaric crimes against civilian Jews, or for their hate speech and propaganda against Jews and Israel, nor does the world hold Arab and Muslim countries accountable for their genocidal lust against Israel and for their considerable crimes against their own people.

Yes, Goldstone mentioned that Hamas was guilty too—but no one cares about this verdict; only the indictment of The Jew matters.

The same Iran that has called for a nuclear genocide against Israel; that has tortured and murdered its own citizens with brazen impunity; that has, through Hezbollah, murdered countless Lebanese, Iraqis, Israelis, and Argentinian Jews (for starters), and has now even infected Venezuela and possibly Honduras with its own special brand of Jew-hatred (Honduran ex-President Manuel Zelaya believes that "Israelis are attacking his brain with mind rays"); the same Iran that is deceiving the world, now on the American dime, as it builds its nuclear reactors—that very Iran: Who will take it on and take it down?

Are the smart, sweet, talented, ethical, but all-too-human-and therefore-imperfect inhabitants of the Jewish ghetto the only volunteer heroes in town? And is that why everyone is so very quiet about Israel's nuclear capacity?

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