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Published on Jul 11, 2011 by Phyllis Chesler

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The Response To My Fundraising Appeal

Dear Friends, Supporters, and Readers:

I must share with you the truly soulful outpouring that I have so far received in response to my fundraising appeal.

Some other Major Players told me that they were in the very same position. I will not share their names but trust me: Even I was shocked.

Some readers, mainly of my generation, both women and men, implored me not to stop writing, that my voice is their guiding light in terms of Israel, America, and the West, that I am the last true feminist standing, that my work about Islamic gender apartheid represents American feminism at its best, that they read my articles daily or weekly and that I must not stop or give up. Many told me that they themselves live on social security, food stamps, small pensions and are in poor health.

Some readers (a handful whom I know, most are strangers) began sending money, either through the pay pal account at my website or via check. One wise woman pledged $1000.00 a year and challenged six of her friends to do likewise. Just before Shabbat, a man emailed and then called. He has a family foundation and said he intends to help me.

A colleague who has been reprinting my work at his own website gave me many examples of projects he has undertaken because of my writing, that I should not underestimate my influence or power. And, the dear man also sent money.

I am touched and humbled. Some people sent $18.00, others sent $100.00. One couple sent $650.00. Another pledged $500.00. A third couple said they would also be helping.

Within 48 hours I received a little more than $2000.00, including the specific pledges. This is an amazing show of support from individuals as were the intimate and heartfelt letters I've also received.

Tachlis again: I still have to raise 56K in order to keep my little boat afloat since I believe that my two major donors will cover 42K towards that end. If any of you out there know philanthropists or those with disposable income, please send them to my website, urge them to read my work and to consider partnering with me.

One website editor blessed me with high praise "For efforts like yours, western civilization might survive." Another thanked me for writing this fundraising appeal. She writes: "God has called you to this great mission you are on…it is a calling that must continue…you are on the front lines battling evil and I stand with you, as do others, and together we writers of the truth will win. Keep up the great fight and God bless you." She also writes: "Your fight has helped women my age—I am 45—to stand up and fight for women."

I have been at this for 42 years. As a long distance intellectual and activist, I used to work four to five jobs to cover the costs of my research, writing, and activism. I was young and healthy and I could do so. That is no longer the case. I will fight on as long as I have partners in this endeavor.

In your honor, I have been engaged in hand-to-hand combat on a major internet site. I will not write about this until I have succeeded. Stay tuned.

With appreciation,


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