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Posted in: Islam, Religion

Published on Oct 12, 2007 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

The Potentially Scary Letter to Pope Benedict Signed by Muslim Clerics

This letter, signed by more than 130 Muslim clerics and delivered to Pope Benedict is, on the surface, a "peace" gesture. Maybe these clerics are the "good" guys, standing up to the fanatic killers who speak in the name of their religion. But maybe they are also following a millennia-old pattern of Muslims who argue for a temporary truce or even for "peace" but only as a way of positioning themselves more securely for a military and religious victory.

I have asked a number of Islamic scholars to de-code this letter for me. I welcome your views as well.

Please read it in full.

I of course wonder why the Chief Rabbis of Israel were not included. Can this possibly mean that such an imagined "peace" will not include Jews or Israel, that it will only be a Muslim-Christian kinda thing? Buddhists, Hindus, Confucians, and other non-Christians religions are not included either.

What can this all mean? Stay tuned.

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