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Published on Aug 04, 2014 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Breitbart


The once premier British medical journal The Lancet has, once again, engaged in an outrageous Blood Libel against Israel—and it has mightily resisted publishing letters of rebuttal. Rather, it has published some, but slowly, very slowly. For example, it took them sixteen days before they published a letter of rebuttal written by the President of the Israeli Medical Association.

Here's what happened.

In an article titled "An Open Letter for the People of Gaza," the violence between the terrorist group Hamas and the Israeli Defense Forces is presented in highly biased, inaccurate, and defamatory ways. It was authored by Paola Manduca, Iain Chalmers, Derek Summerfield, Mads Gilbert, and Swee Ang "on behalf of 24 signatories."

This is very Nazi-era like only it is far worse since there is now a growing, global tsunami against the Jews unleashed both online and in the world.

I am reminded of how swiftly German Christian physicians took over all the German Psycho-analytic Societies which were formerly headed by Jewish doctors--and of course, I remember Dr. Robert Jay Lifton's work on the Nazi doctors. Simply because someone has an advanced degree of some kind or has won a Nobel Prize in no way inoculates them from the most vulgar common prejudices.

The 2014 Lancet authors (Manduca et al) write of Israel-perpetrated "massacres" and are "tempted to conclude" that "95%" of Israeli academics "are complicit in the massacre and destruction of Gaza." Manduca et al write:

"We challenge the perversity of a propaganda that justifies the creation of an emergency to masquerade a massacre, a so-called "defensive aggression." In reality it is a ruthless assault of unlimited duration, extent, and intensity… We are appalled by the military onslaught on civilians in Gaza under the guise of punishing terrorists… People in Gaza are resisting this aggression because they want a better and normal life and, even while crying in sorrow, pain, and terror, they reject a temporary truce that does not provide a real chance for a better future. A voice under the attacks in Gaza is that of Um Al Ramlawi who speaks for all in Gaza: "They are killing us all anyway—either a slow death by the siege, or a fast one by military attacks. We have nothing left to lose—we must fight for our rights, or die trying."

These Lancet authors do not mention the vast network of terror tunnels, purposely dug beneath schools, mosques, hospitals, and private homes; no mention of Hamas's cold and ruthless decision to use their own people as human shields for propaganda purposes; not a word about the thousands of rockets that have rained down mainly on southern Israel for so many years. There is no analysis of the hate propaganda indoctrination against Jews and Israel that every Palestinian child receives and the glorification and payment to the family of "martyred" human bombs, nor scarcely a thought about how much money was siphoned off by Hamas leaders for luxury lives, Swiss and Emirati bank accounts, and above all, for the purchase of weapons and the building of a veritable underground city of cement-walled tunnels in which weapons and fighters are housed.

In addition, as Dr. Richard Cravatts, President of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East, and Dr. David Feifel, have noted, the Lancet authors do not come with "clean hands." They have failed to disclose their financial and intellectual links to terrorism. According to Dr. Feifel:

"For one example, the letter's first author, Paolo Manduca received funding from several anti-Israel NGOs including Interpal, which has been designated as a terrorist entity by the governments of the United States, Canada and Australia. US Federal authorities describe the organization as a global clearinghouse channeling money to Hamas and a BBC investigation came to the same conclusion. Interpal is a founding member of the so-called "Union of Good," an umbrella organization, which funds Islamic terrorists in Gaza. Its leader, Yussef al- Qaradawi, is a notorious jihadist who has publically lauded Hitler for "putting Jews in their place" and has said of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: "We must plant the love of death and the love of martyrdom in the Islamic nation." The organization actively encourages Palestinian children to become martyrs and suicide bombers Manduca not only receives funding from Interpal but also raises money for it . Is it any wonder, therefore, that Manduca is a signatory to the "Appeal for the removal of Hamas from the EU terror list" and that her co-author, Mads Gilbert, is on record for supporting terror attacks against civilians including the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center which took the lives of nearly 3000 innocent civilians? These revelations totally belie the authors' description of themselves as merely "doctors and scientists, who spend our lives developing means to care and protect health and lives." At least some of them are, in fact, doctors and scientists who have intellectual and financial links to terrorist entities with genocidal agendas. In violating Lancet's published Declaration of Interests policy, Manduca et al, deprived Lancet readers of crucial contextual information with which to judge their polemical correspondence."

This is not the first time that The Lancet has engaged in Blood Libels.

In 2010, The Lancet published a scurrilous pseudo-scientific attack upon Israel, which claimed that an increase in wife-beating "in the occupied territories" was due to the stress of "occupation."

At the time, I helped some Israeli academics and physicians place their letters of protest in The Lancet and I also published a letter in their pages. The 2010 article was an intellectual joke—but there was nothing funny about it.

The authors did not look at the normalized wife- and daughter-beating in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia or in any other Muslim Arab country which was not allegedly "occupied" by Israel. Nor did they note the normalized honor killing of girls and women in the region. They did not compare "intimate partner violence" in unoccupied Gaza with "intimate partner violence" in Sderot, Israel, where "civilians have endured 8,000 rocket attacks from Gaza." This so-called study did not note the increase in violence against women due to Hamas's fundamentalist misogyny.

Elsewhere, I wrote about the entire episode as an example of how "Big Lies now pass for top-of-the-line academic, scientific work."

Still, The Lancet published my letter and those of Israeli academics. They are slower to do so now. This time, they are in no mood for genuinely scientific or academic rejoinders.

This is outrageous and heartbreaking.

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