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Published on Mar 11, 2011 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by NewsRealBlog

The King Hearings: Intimidation, Lies and the Suicidal Denial of Islamic Terrorism

Republican representative Peter King, the Chair of the House Homeland Security Committee, has been accused of being a racist and an Islamophobe and characterized as paranoid, hysterical, anti-American, anti-civil rights, and as a McCarthy-like witch hunter and as a provocateur.

In actuality, representative King is a Johnny-Come-Lately to the question of radical Islam and national security. From 2006 to 2009, Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman, in his capacity as Chair of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Relations, and then Democratic representative, Jane Harman, in her capacity as the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, held 20 such hearings in Washington, D.C.

Both Lieberman and Harman were also accused of being racists and of conducting an anti-Muslim witch hunt. Left-wing and liberal media pundits, allegedly pro-peace feminist groups (like Code Pink) said so–as did the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an unindicted co-conspirator in terms of supporting a known Muslim terrorist group.

Whether one is a Republican or a Democrat, a Senator or a Representative, a male or a female political leader, the accusations remain the same. Harman was accused of "representing Israel not California;" Lieberman was accused of being biased, a bigot, a Zealot; neither his views nor his hearings could protect America's national security. On the contrary, according to their very vocal critics, both Lieberman and Harman had endangered American interests, both here and abroad, by looking at violent Islamist ideology and its pursuit of a global, Sharia-ruled Caliphate.

According to notorious mosqueteer Imam Rauf: "The fear I have is the banner headline in the Muslim world … that Muslims are under attack [is something] which radicalizes people even further."

The overly emotional and self-righteously very angry Muslim-American Representative Keith Ellison stated: "We need to conduct a thorough, fair analysis and to do no harm. The approach of today's hearing, I fear, does not meet these standards," as he sobbed over a presumed incident of bias against a Muslim saint who had been treated as a sinner. He claimed that a 9/11 rescuer who died in the collapse of the World Trade Center was initially considered a suspect in the attacks. The problem is that Ellison's facts were all wrong, that there had been no bias, no defamation.

However, this ability to become so emotional in public, on cue, based on a big lie, characterizes jihadic psychology. Representative Ellison is not just your regular, ordinary Muslim-American. Rather, he has a long history of being associated with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Nation of Islam. In addition, there are major, murky, and mysterious gaps in Ellison's resume.

Ellison displays an ability not only to lie in public but to believe his own lie. Other jihadists emotionally exaggerate the extent to which they are hated or have experienced "Islamophobia." This seems to be as out of touch with reality as is Ellison's belief in a lie. For example, according to the FBI, of the 1,732 victims of religious hate crimes in 2008 in America, 66.1 percent were targeted because of anti-Jewish bias and 7.5% were targeted because of anti-Islamic bias.

So, what is really going on?

First, a level of rage and aggression that is barely civilized is being expressed in public in America, both in our Congress, on the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, on our campuses, and on our airwaves. As she denounced the King hearing, Representative and Committee member, Sheila Jackson Lee, was as righteously "angry" as any imam holding forth in a mosque or on television. She insisted that the Constitution itself was actually "in pain."

Probably not as much as the Muslim and infidel civilians, including journalists, who are being mercilessly beaten, tortured, jailed and executed by Qaddafi and his henchmen in Libya. I would bet that the Egyptian Muslim and Christian girls and women who were attacked by Egyptian men in Tahrir Square were in far more "pain" than the American Constitution was. The women, who were demonstrating for women's human rights, were beaten, groped, and verbally abused; many left Liberation Square in tears.

There is no respect for professors or lecturers on the American campus if they are in any way critical, i.e. tell the truth about Islam, Islamism, or the actual deeds of Muslims. Students in keffiyehs heckle, jeer, scream, rage, and make bitter, brainwashed accusations that are not amenable to reason, logic, or civilized dialogue.

It is getting quickly and increasingly dangerous out there in public. Every street, classroom, and state capital is a potential battle field, war zone. Westerners, including Arab students and activists in our midst, have taken to Arab Street standards of intimidation and have learned how to rule "by mob," not by law.

Second, clearly, many Muslims say that they feel they are being singled out, stigmatized, persecuted. Whether this is what they have been brainwashed into believing or whether this is based on bitter personal experience, one cannot say. In the West, Muslims believe that infidels slight and mistrust them; in Muslim-majority countries, many Muslims claim that they are being impoverished and persecuted by the Zionists and by the Americans—not by their own corrupt and demonically tyrannical Muslim leaders. It is far safer to blame the Outsider than to blame your father, the head of the secret police, the President.

From a psychological point of view, many—not all–Muslims are in a bind. While they may feel enormous frustration, rage, powerlessness, hopelessness, they dare not blame such emotions on having been repeatedly raped in childhood by older male relatives, or tyrannized by their communities or leaders. Instead, the only permissible outlets for them are the chosen, agreed-upon scapegoat: the permissible Outsider.

Theologically and psychologically, Muslims have been taught that they are superior to all other faith groups; thus, when they are treated merely as "equals" in the West, they may, unconsciously, experience such "equality" as a form of persecution. When Muslims are not "on top," they feel humiliated and dishonored.

Therefore, Muslims, both as a canny jihadic strategy and as an experienced emotion, claim that they are hated and feared.

The fact is, that it is infidels, as well as Muslim and ex-Muslim dissidents, who are exposing the truth about Islamic barbarism. This is very shameful as is comparing Arab civilization with Western civilization. Muslims feel attacked, dishonored, angry when anyone, including themselves, notes that the West, including Israel, has evolved in every way while Arab countries have essentially remained stagnant.

Finally, despite feigning injured innocence, despite real denial, despite Big Lies, the truth about Islamic/Islamist/Muslim terrorism is getting out, despite all the hysteria over its presumed non-existence. Thus, today, more and more people know that it is a fact, not a racist myth, that terrorism is largely committed by Arabs and Muslims, first against their own people, then against the West.

In the past few decades, individual Americans, like Leon Klinghoffer, have been murdered by Arab terrorists; American embassies and military targets have been bombed. According to Justice Department records, in the year 2009, there were no fewer than four dozen homegrown terrorism cases which involved U.S. citizens or residents. In 2010, the department noted that there were roughly 20 such cases.

The information is coming in. The information is out. Not all Muslims are terrorists. But the major terrorists of our era are Muslims. Denying this is suicidal.

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