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Published on Jun 27, 2014 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Breitbart

Susan Rice Finally Weighs in on Kidnapped Israeli Boys While Obama Remains Silent

Day #14 is ending and the three Israeli teenage students are still missing. One is also an American citizen.

Earlier today, Israel named the Hamas operatives whom they believe are behind this heinous act. They are two men who are currently missing from Hebron, where they normally reside. Their names are Marwan Kawasmeh and Amar Abu Eisha.

In addition, PM Netanyahu is demanding that PM Abbas break the unity deal with Hamas and Hamas denies that they—or these two men are behind this kidnapping.

Until now, there have been no statements issued by President Obama.

As of last night, Ambassador Susan Rice's last tweet concerns the U.S. Soccer Team "advancing" at the World Cup games, followed by three tweets, below.

She calls for "cooperation between Israel and Palestinian." But Hamas is now in a unity alliance with West Bank Palestinians. How shall Israel "cooperate" with the forces that carried out this abduction and a populace that celebrates it?

Why doesn't Ambassador Rice propose, instead, that UNWRA finally be dismantled at the United Nations?

Ambassador Rice also speaks for the President. They are—suddenly, rather late into the siege--both "deeply concerned" and "pray for their "safe return and strength for the families in this agonizing vigil."

Why don't Ambassador Rice and President Obama behave like allies and friends and help Israel find these boys? After all, the United States has designated Hamas as a terrorist entity. How explain the President's silence, reticence? Really: One of the boys looks like he could be Obama's son.

Finally, Rice tweets that "all of our hearts are hurting for the 2 Israeli students who were kidnapped in the West Bank, one of whom is also an American. Why not hold a press conference about this? Why doesn't the President speak for himself?

Yet at least Rice has remarked publicly on the matter. There is only one Commander in Chief. Why does he remain silent and continue to allow others to speak for him?

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