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Posted in: Islamic Gender & Religious Apartheid, Jihad & Terrorism, Islam

Published on Jan 10, 2015 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Breitbart

Sultan of Brunei Bans Christmas After Sightings of People in Santa Claus Outfits

Sultan Haji Hassnal Bolkiah of Brunei has banned Christmas in his Kingdom. This latest ban was implemented "after a number of people were reportedly spotted wearing clothes resembling Santa Claus at Christmas time."

Businesses that openly displayed Christmas decorations were asked to remove them. A government spokesman explains: "Muslims should be careful not to follow celebrations such as these that are not in any way related to Islam, for it is feared that this could lead to tasyabbuh(imitation) and could unknowingly damage the aqidah (faith) of Muslims."

Muslims in the West erect an increasing number of mosques, pray most visibly in the streets and at work, and veil Muslim women more and more prominently—arguing that Western laws allow for such religious freedom. However, it is clear that Muslims, Muslim leaders, Muslim mobs, and Muslim jihadists do not allow non-Muslim religious practices in their countries and have been persecuting most horribly all kuffars (infidels), especially Christians and Jews.

It is also clear that Muslim jihadists have taken their anti-infidel religious Crusade into the West by targeting infidel women for rape and sex trafficking and targeting Jews, in bloody incident after bloody incident all across Europe and especially, most recently, in France.

In the spring of 2014, Brunei's Sultan introduced Sharia law. This means that "fines and jail terms can be imposed for failing to attend Friday prayers, indecent behavior, and pregnancies outside of marriage." The second phase, which was implemented later in 2014, "prescribes flogging for Muslims who consume alcohol and, for property crimes, flogging and amputation." In late 2015, the third phase will "allow for death by stoning for gay sex and adultery."

Please recall that in 2014, the West Coast branch of PEN, the author's association, canceled their annual benefit gala at the Beverly Hills Hotel—because the hotel is owned by the Sultan of Brunei's Dorchester Collection.

A Jewish American woman, Jillian Lauren, an ex-stripper and underage teenager, spent some time in the drunken and highly competitive "harem" of the Sultan's brother, Prince Jeffri Bolkiah, which consisted mainly of paid Western prostitutes. Lauren and other prostituted women shopped 'til they dropped; Lauren claims that she personally broke "two of the (anti-Sharia) offenses"with the Sultan himself "as we looked down on the lights of Kuala Lumpur from a penthouse suite."

This is interesting because it suggests that the Sharia law being imposed is meant for everyone else but the royal rulers of Brunei. This also confirms what we already know– think of what ISIS is doing to Yazidi girls and women, and what Boko Haram is doing to Christian girls and women– namely, that infidel women are used for sex.

According to the January 8, 2015 Brunei government announcement, it is now also a crime to "propagate" religions other than Islam; those who "insult the Quran or the prophet Mohammed will be stoned to death."

Europeans have endured a series of lawsuits, assassinations, and assassination attempts against those who have been seen as "insulting" Islam. We have just witnessed a Jihad assassination in Paris against those who were seen as "insulting Islam." Sharia law has gone global.

These kind of attacks will continue. They are cheap. One or two jihadists can perpetrate massacres with their cars, knives, and automatic weapons. Such attacks may, in the long run, prove counter-productive since they will eventually alert Westerners to the danger we face. Dr. Daniel Pipes has just made this interesting and counter-intuitive argument.

However, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he's "relieved that the French terrorists have been killed and is urging all people around the world 'to enhance the level of tolerance and respect for the belief and religions and tradition of others." Ban said all differences of views on religion and other issues can be resolved through dialogue. But he said the tragedy in Paris was not about religion. "This is a purely unacceptable terrorist attack, criminality," Ban said. "This kind of criminality must be brought to justice in the name of humanity."

As long as such leaders, which include French President Hollande and American President Obama, continue to insist that Jihadic terrorism has "nothing to do with Islam," the West will fail to go on the necessary war footing. As long as Hollande and Obama allow Muslim immigrants to come and go at will—including those on no-fly lists who have been trained as jihadists in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen; as long as America fails to stop Iran and other state sponsors of terrorism, the infidel West will inherit the whirlwind and risk become "dhimmis," or converts to Islam.

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