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Published on Nov 02, 2010 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by NewsRealBlog

SOS: Save Our Society, Vote on the Issues

Call me narrowly partisan, call me a flaming fanatic–actually, I am neither–but given what I know, there is simply no way that I can vote for any American candidate who supports President Obama's position on Israel or on the Islamic world. I am thinking of Obama's low bow to King Abdullah, his maiden-voyage speech in Cairo, his 2010 public shaming of the Israeli delegation at the White House, going so far as having refused to feed them or to pose with them for photos—but of course, there is more, so much more. Doing absolutely nothing to stop Iran or to help Iranian dissidents is among the next 50 important issues that our president has either not grasped or has, indeed, handled as if he truly is either an empty suit or a Muslim Manchurian candidate. Or both.

I am not talking about his race. I am talking about his administration's policies.

Obama's administration has also invited "J" Street, a Soros-funded anti-Israel lobby, into its inner circle as a "pro-Israel" group; suggested that Israel has been the cause of American military deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq; demanded that Israel stop building on sovereign Israeli soil; and has refused to say that Israel is, indeed, a Jewish state.

America's foreign policy in terms of both Israel and the Muslim world is a matter of the most profound national and international security, and the fact that I may not agree with conservatives or Republicans on certain issues is of lesser importance at this moment in history. All our precious and hard-won universal human rights, including women's rights, will remain tattered pieces of paper if the pro-Islamist and anti-Israel agenda triumphs. Sadly, under Obama's reign, this is well underway.

Further: Scapegoating Israel for the crimes of Muslim regimes will not help Muslim citizens who yearn to live free of terrorism and barbaric tyranny nor will it help Muslim and ex-Muslim dissidents or infidels who are being savagely persecuted, exiled, murdered, blown up by Islamists in Muslim and Hindu countries. Islamic religious apartheid is real and growing. Israel is not an apartheid country—but both Islamic gender and religious apartheid are real apartheid practices.

President Obama has yet to suggest that he realizes this.

I cannot vote for someone who supports a civilian trial for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as many candidates do. I am indebted to Janet Lehr at Israel Lives, for listing the candidates' position on this. For example, Lehr mentions the following pro-civilian trial candidates for the Senate: In Florida, Kendrick B. Meek, and in Indiana, Brad Ellsworth. Their opponents are Republicans Marco Rubio in Florida and Dan Coats in Indiana.

I am not talking about voting Republican because you are already a Republican or because you are so disgusted with Obama that you will vote Republican for the first time. I am talking about the issues that matter. If one party turns out to have the wiser position, then so be it.

I am uncomfortable voting for all those candidates who strongly favor the mosque near Ground Zero but then, I am already on record challenging many Jewish non-candidates, of all denominations, including Orthodoxy, who are "in bed," so to speak, and not with the right Muslims but with high-profile Muslims who have questionable ties to terrorist organizations and highly objectionable positions on Jews, Judaism, Israel, and America.

Some are rabbis who are being misled by their own genuinely liberal values, other rabbis have more cravenly hopped aboard the interfaith "gravy train." This is an intra-tribal matter, and one of the greatest importance as well. Rabbis should be supporting a religious Muslim like Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser who opposes the Ground Zero mosque.

I urge all those who vote to keep the issues in mind, not the party, not even the particular candidate.

SOS: Save our Society, save our civilization. Vote on the issues.

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