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Posted in: Anti-Semitism, Culture Wars & Censorship

Published on Jul 11, 2006 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by FrontPageMagazine.com

Signs at the Times

Last night, a group of protestors challenged the New York Times right where they live—at 229 West 43rd Street. A rally coordinated by 14 groups and led by Rabbi Arye Spero, president of the Caucus for America, drew about 150 people. Speakers included Rabbi Spero, CORE founder Ray Innis, Jewish activist Beth Gilinsky, radio talk show host Barry Farber, the Hudson Institute's President Dr. Herb London, and many others.

The co-sponsors included: Caucus for America and Free Republic; American Academic Alliance for Israel; American Coptic Union; Americans for a Safe Israel; Brownstone Republican Club; Congress of Racial Equality; The Jerusalem Connection; March Against Terror USA/National Sovereignty Committee; Military Families Voice of Victory; New York State Republican Clubs; New York Young Republican Club; Protest Warriors; U.S. Committee for a Free Lebanon; Richmond County Young Republicans Club; Rockaway Republicans.

Some activists dressed like Taliban members or Osama bin Laden—but mostly the people wore professional working attire. No one was rude, nasty, or rowdy. (However, one women kept blowing a whistle.) Many people held American flags. People chanted, "Osama Loves the Times" and "The al-Jazeera Times.

Some of the placards in the crowd read:

  • How Many Americans Have you Killed To Date Just To Get Bush?;
  • The NY Times LOVES terrorists;
  • NY Times: Shedding Our Blood for Your Circulation;
  • Buy the Times—Support Our Enemies;
  • Read the Times—Qaeda Does!;
  • NY Times: Our Blood is On Your Hands;
  • NY Times: Selling Our Security Over a Political Agenda;
  • NY Times Despises Middle America;
  • Prosecute the NY Times; Never Forget 9/11.
  • How Many More Americans Do you Want DEAD?
  • The NY Times: All The News That Fits the Enemy's Agenda. Disarming America One Column at a Time.

Protestors say they spied a bewildered Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame, exiting the Times briefly during the rally.

The rally was not like leftist, all-day events. Upon being asked, one man explained the difference to his interviewer: "Leftists have time to demonstrate all day, because they don't have jobs. We can only come after work."

In fact, many media outlets covered this first-ever direct street rally against the New York Times, including Fox News. This protest might just have legs.

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