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Published on Dec 28, 2015 by Phyllis Chesler

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Post-Christmas Annual Appeal

Dearest Readers:

I am turning to you again, for the last time this year. If you have been reading my work, you know how illuminating and how prescient it has been. I can only continue this work with your support. I first sounded the alarm about anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism on the left and among feminists in the early 1970s and I have not stopped since then. I did so again in the early 20th century and have written about 1,000 articles and two books on this subject. I was the first to describe campus intimidation in 2003 as the return of Hitler-era "Brown Shirts." Twelve years later, when professors are under siege they often contact me. I connect them to each other and suggest strategies. When administrations yield, I write articles about Orwell on campus. This is apart from my work on Islamic gender apartheid: polygamy, purdah, arranged child marriage, face veiling, honor killing. Please help me continue this important work.

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Here is an immediate "thank you." Here are some more of the excellent and refreshingly brief toasts and speeches to my work at my birthday party. The range of guests illustrate the many worlds in which I move and my diverse friendships. Speakers include Orthodox rabbis, feminists, and academics; Torah scholars and novelists; Psychotherapists, and lawyers; Israel supporters, both left and right, and Holocaust survivors.

Rabbi Shmidman: https://youtu.be/1e4fEpHI3pk

Nechi Sirota: https://youtu.be/fB-DqBVNJeY

Michael Skakun: https://youtu.be/cWiGeMUqOUQ

Eleanor Pam: https://youtu.be/EoksSVlohU0

Lilly Rivlin: https://youtu.be/9RuM659mulg

Shulamit Reinharz: https://youtu.be/r36uyMsR_-4

Lauri Regan: https://youtu.be/1HRvnHqKbcM

Barbara Chasen: https://youtu.be/yq8KRq5bGlI

Sonia Nusenbaum: https://youtu.be/wER4Z3g-qTs

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