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Published on Sep 30, 2010 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

But Remember: Heroism Is Our Only Alternative

I am really moved by so many of your passionate words on my behalf. For those who wish to continue receiving my articles please write to me through my website and I will add you to my mailing list–if you are not already on it. You can also continue to read my work at my website www.phyllis-chesler.com

What can one say about the times in which one lives? Everything must be said, and everyone must do the saying. While power corrupts, absolutely powerlessness corrupts absolutely. Thus, speaking truth to power is one way of asserting one's power, especially when evil seeks to devour us all.

I, too, would have preferred to live a safe, charmed life, free of care, without being obliged to take unpopular and risky stands. We all would. But we no longer live in Paradise and our purpose here on earth is to do good deeds and to pursue justice. Often, telling the truth is controversial; peace can fly right out the window.

Perhaps peace, truth, and justice may exist only in the next world.

If I sound a wee bit Biblical today, it is no accident. The Jews are about to receive the Torah at Mount Sinai again and these words of wisdom all come straight from that Holy Book and what the Jewish people have made of it.

Below, please find further selections from my work at Pajamas.

The Blood Libels at National Geographic Magazine May 18, 2009

Menacing anti-Israel demonstrations in the street, rabid anti-Israel resolutions at the United Nations, obsessive anti-Israel boycott resolutions among western academics, relentless anti-Israel headlines in the world media are "politics as usual," involving the young and the fanatic. Most civilians barely notice it.

Honor Killing Averted: Muslim Convert to Christianity Flees For Her Life August 13, 2009

Yesterday afternoon, my living room was filled with lights, cameras, and two very friendly ABC crew men. We were taping an interview for Good Morning America which appeared today and which is preserved at their website. We talked about honor killings and the plight of Fathima Rifqa Bary, the Muslim teenager from Ohio who converted to Christianity and who ran away from home because she knows her father will kill her.


Rifqa Bary

The Burqa: Ultimate Feminist Choice? August 31, 2009

Women in chadors are really feminist ninja warriors. Rather than allow themselves to be gawked at by male strangers, they choose to defeat the "male gaze" by hiding from it in plain view.


A niqab-clad woman trying to eat spaghetti

The Jihadist is Always the Victim November 5, 2009

The moment I first heard about the mass murders at Ft Hood I knew in my bones that the shooter or shooters were Muslims.

Call me "Islamophobic," call me "psychic," call me what you will.

It now seems that there was only a single shooter: Major Malik Nidal Hasan, a Muslim man of Palestinian/Jordanian descent but an American citizen..

A Balkanized Imagination versus Zealous Uniformity November 17, 2009

Well, as they say, "No good deed goes unpunished." Try to help others, indeed, devote your life to doing so and you will inevitably find yourself attacked, especially by the people on your own side.

"I Hope the West Does Not Give In" November 30, 2009

This interview with Turkish-German lawyer, Seyran Ates, first appeared in the land of the fjords, the land of oil, the home of the political correctniks who choose and bestow the Nobel Peace Prize.


Seyran Ates

Vienna, My City of (Anti-Semitic) Dreams/Nightmares December 14, 2009

This past Saturday evening, Chabad rabbi Dov Gruzman was conducting the annual ceremony to light the public Chanukah menorah in Stefenfaltz Square in Vienna, Austria. Suddenly, a local Muslim rushed over, began cursing the Jews, then "hurled himself" at the Rabbi, punching and kicking him.

Europe Cracks Down on Honor Killings December 17, 2009

A decade ago in London, a father terrorized, then plotted to honor-murder his 15-year-old daughter. After attacking her twice, the girl simply…disappeared. Nevertheless, due to a British police decision to revisit and reclassify old cases, the father has just now been convicted of her honor murder.

The Lonely, Murderous Sons of Allah: A Psycho-analytic View December 29, 2009

One is the 17th son; the other is the 16th son. Neither are the sons of a first wife. One is an engineer; the other was an engineering student. Both have ancestral roots in Yemen. Both are educated and come from wealthy families.

Artists4Israel 2 the Rescue January 7, 2010

In 2004 and 2005, a group of "oldsters," myself included, decided that what was really needed to combat the steady stream of sophisticated propaganda against Israel and America was an instantly recognizable, credible, "catchy" way to tell the truth to high school and college-age "youngsters."

Honor Killers: Prosecuted in Europe, Seen as Psychiatric Victims in America January 14, 2010

When it comes to honor killings and honor-related violence, America had better start learning a few things from Europe.

On October 20, 2009, near Phoenix, Arizona, Noor Al-Maleki's father, Iraqi-born Faleh Hassan Al-Maleki, ran over his 20-year-old daughter with a two-ton jeep.


Noor Almaleki

Lancet Study Blames Palestinian Wife-Beating on Israel January 24, 2010

It's official. Britain's premier medical journal Lancet has been completely Palestinianized. It no longer bears any relationship to the first-rate scientific journal it once was. Perhaps Lancet is no longer a leader but has become a follower in the global movement in which standards have plunged, biases have soared, and Big Lies now pass for top-of-the-line academic, scientific work.

Obama Is Our First Muslim Presidential Contender In The Same Way That Clinton Was Our First Black President February 26, 2008

Talk Radio (The Mancow show) called last night and asked me to join them this morning to comment on the Obama-Farrakhan matter.

I believe that Obama is our first Muslim Presidential contender.

No, I am not saying that he secretly is or ever was a Muslim. Obama is a Muslim in the same way that Bill Clinton was allegedly our first Black President.

Bin Laden Threatens America, NYC Welcomes Tariq Ramadan March 25, 2010

Earlier today, on Al-Jazeera, Osama Bin Laden threatened to start killing Americans taken hostage if America executes Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, whom Bin Laden described as a "mujahid and hero." Despite President Obama's attempts to appease the Muslim world, nothing he's done (yet) is good enough for either Ahmadinejad or Bin Laden, who said:

Jews Confront the Abyss April 13, 2010

What more can be said? Are mere words sufficient? By now we know that Jew haters are never deterred by facts—only by force. We also know that the Arab-Muslim world has brainwashed its citizens and the world with a steady stream of blood libels against Jews and Israel.

Islamic Homosexual Pederasty and Afghanistan's "Dancing Boys" April 21, 2010

Last night, I watched the saddest little movie, a brave Frontline documentary about the "Bacha Bazi," the underage "dancing boys" of Afghanistan. These children are sex slaves to older, powerful Afghan men–in this instance, former Northern Alliance warlords, who have purchased them from their impoverished families or, as orphans, simply taken them off the street. When they try to escape, they are found and punished—or they are murdered.


An Afghan "dancing boy"

Why Is the Washington Post Afraid to Use the Words "Muslim" And "Honor Killing" In The Same Article? May 26, 2010

In the last seven years, the print version of the Washington Post has covered honor killings sparingly, tangentially, briefly, and only in passing. Clearly, the mainstream media believes that some news is not fit to print.

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