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Published on Aug 09, 2015 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Israel National News

Op-Ed: Too Many Women Among Those Who Despise America and Hate Israel

There are many more women than men on the Canary Mission website.

The Canary Mission is devoted to exposing haters of America and of Jews and boycotters of Israel. In a sense, they want to "blacklist the blacklisters." Their site, which first appeared in February of this year, thus far features both individual students, recent graduates, and professors-- as these people call for an "Intifada" in America, (as Hatem Bazien did), as they rally and tell Jews to "go back to the ovens, you need a really big oven" (as a youngstudent did at a demonstration). Every word belongs to the hater.

Every hateful speech and rally has been filmed; excerpts from self-published websites, Facebook pages, twitter accounts, and student newspaper op-ed pieces have been brought together. The guilty parties expose or convict themselves with their own words and by their faces of rage and scorn. They also proudly list their membership in known Muslim Brotherhood groups such as CAIR, the Muslim Student Association, and Hamas.

Edwin Black, in an exclusive for Arutz Sheva, recently published a piece titled: Inside the Mysterious Website Exposing Anti-Israel Bigots. He writes that this anonymous coalition of students and others took a page from "the New Israel Fund which some years ago helped finance the Coalition of Women for Peace that created that Who-Profits database that acted as a global compass of Israeli commercial activity for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions strategies. Canary flipped the card and blacklisted the blacklisters."

Might would-be future employers want to see their potential employees in action? In some cases, maybe they will want to hire just such haters, in other cases they may be unwilling to do so once they have seen and heard what they had to say.

These individuals are not merely foolish youth sewing wild oats and who may soon repent as they mature. These are highly indoctrinated youth who will probably never toss their prejudices aside; they stand to risk losing their communities, access to jobs and funding, and to an entire social world if they do.

Edwin Black views the Canary Mission as mainly a "grassroots effort" with some paid employees."We are not into making false claims, the kind of stuff the other side does." They emphatically deny being "Islamophobic."

Some of the individuals featured so far are highly "esteemed" professors such as: Hatem Bazian, Lila Abu-Lughod, Omar Barghouti, Juan Cole, Rashid Khalidi, Joseph Massad, Denis Sullivan, Nina Tannenwald. They will not lose their jobs. They are prized precisely for such views.

However, the majority of individuals shown here seem to be studentactivists. Lamiya Khadaker, who started the killer bee swarm against Professor Andrew Pessin at Connecticut College is pictured here.

But here is what caught my eye. A total of 124 individuals are shown. Seventy-two are women and fifty-two are men. Thus, women constitute 58% and men 42% of the total population. Of the women, 25% are wearing hijab and a few are wearing keffiyas. (Some men sport keffiyas as well).

What is wrong with this picture? Are young American women still more obsessed with the alleged American occupation of "Muslim lands," with countries that have never existed (such as Palestine), than they are with the occupation of women's bodies worldwide, especially under Sharia law, especially under ISIS, and ISIS-like terrorist groups in the Middle East, North and West Africa, and Central Asia?

Or rather, are women in certain communities in America only allowed to be visibly outspoken and active if they actively and vocally hate America, despise Jews, and wish to abolish the Jewish state?

Why are these students silent about the ongoing massacres and genocides of Christians, Yezidis, and Muslims in the Middle East at Muslim hands?

Why are the female students and professors utterly silent about the daily, hourly, atrocities being committed against girls and women in Iraq—and in Iran and Afghanistan? Why no word against gender and religious apartheid, no condemnation of FGM, from these people presumably so concerned with justice?

Finally, 64% (or more) of these Jew and America haters are identifiably Muslim. (Their names give it away). Perhaps more really are Muslims but I rest my case right here. These are not the kind of Muslims with whom I work and sympathize who are anti-Islamist Muslims, who are religious, secular, and apostate. My acquaintances also support women's rights, human rights, Western-style freedoms, and Israel.

In other words: The anti-American and anti-Israeli individuals featured at Canary Mission participate in and attend rallies and demonstrations on American campuses. The majority are pro-Islamist Muslim students and professors, too many of whom are women.

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