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Published on Jan 18, 2016 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Israel National News

Op-Ed: Robert Levinson, US citizen, left behind in Iran

The prisoner exchange pointedly did not include a Jewish American, whose complicated and patriotic story can be read in the link embedded in the article.

Is Robert Levinson, one of two American captives left behind in Iran and the only Jew--our new Jonathan Pollard?

Has he already been tortured to death? Or, like other infidel captives in Islamist hands, is he the still living plaything of monster sadists?

If he is dead, why has Iran not at least returned his body for burial? Can Iran actually have "lost" one of it's prize captives?

Levinson has been described as a former FBI agent and as a CIA agent. Is this true? If so, why has America cut him loose? Has his own government suggested that Levinson was on a "rogue" mission to Iran? Can we, the people, really believe a word our President and Secretary of State tell us about the negotiations with Iran?

Of course we can't. They have done nothing but lie to us about it in the pages of The New York Pravda.

Today, the lead story at the New York Times is titled "Iran Meets Terms of Nuclear Deal, Ending Sanctions." It has a photo of one of the four Americans of Iranian descent who were released as part of a "secret" and parallel negotiation. The photo is of Jason Rezaian.

There is also a pull quote about another article about these four Americans. They are a Washington Post reporter, a former Marine, a Christian pastor, and a student. Negotiations to release a fifth American, Siamak Namazi, who worked for a UAE based oil company and who was only recently seized, are still underway.

I am glad these captives are now free. Their freedom is being used to conceal a host of shameful and embarrassing details about lifting the sanctions, an agreement that cannot be enforced, recent Iranian weapons testing, Iran's recent arrest of American sailors in international waters--and much, much else.

The Paper of Record has four separate articles lauding this shameful non-deal deal. It describes it in large, bold lettering as a "landmark accord." In one of the four articles, we see the photos of two more freed Americans, those of Amir Hekmati and Saeed Abedini. The prisoner swap is presented as a normal, expected, part of negotiations. The headline reads: "With Nuclear Terms Met, Iran Sanctions are Lifted and Captives Swapped."

Secretary of State Kerry is "energized" by it all.

Toward the end of this fourth article, there is a brief paragraph which refers to a sixth American of Jewish descent who has been left behind: Robert A. Levinson.

He is described as a "retired FBI agent who went missing near Iran's Kish Island nearly nine years ago. The Iranians reported "no progress on longstanding efforts to find out more information" about Levinson. One unnamed American official is quoted as saying that Levinson "is not going to appear as part of this deal" but fear not; our trustworthy allies in Iran have "committed to 'continue to seek information on his whereabouts.'"

None of the four stories list the names of the fourteen Iranian prisoners whom America released as part of this swap or how many there were or what their crimes were.

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