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Published on Nov 10, 2009 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

Obama at Ft Hood Memorial: No Mention of Terrorism or Jihad

America, the West, and Israel are all fighting back in a war that radical, jihadic Islamists, (not Muslims) have declared against us. The Islamist propagandists have managed to persuade western leftists, academics, politicians, heads of state, and the media that America and Israel are actually waging a war on Islam. It's what Osama bin Laden thinks.

Nevertheless, today, a half hour ago at Ft Hood, President Obama did not pronounce the following words: "Jihad." "Terrorism." "Islamist terrorism" or "Islamic terrorism." Early on, President Obama said that "this is a time of war," (followed by many platitudes). Towards the end, he said something unscripted, something not contained in the speech transcript. Obama said that "these soldiers could not escape the horror of war even at home"– but he failed to name what that war might be and who might be fighting it.

Indeed, Obama said that the fact they were killed on American soil is "incomprehensible." He also made a point of proudly saying: "We are a nation whose commitment to justice is so enduring that we would treat a gunman (a "gunman, not a "jihadist") and give him due process, just as surely as we will see that he pays for his crime (his "crime," not his "act of war," not even his "act of terrorism."

Radical jihadic Islamism/jihadic terrorism was given a free pass by the President of the United States at the Memorial Service for the thirteen soldiers and mental health professionals who were slaughtered at Ft Hood.

I will be talking about alleged "Islamophobia" and Ft Hood tonight on CNN on the Lou Dobbs Show which appears between 7pm-8pm est and at other times around the country.

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