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Published on Apr 26, 2010 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

Netanyahu Freezes Building in East Jerusalem; Hamas on Buying Spree in West Jerusalem

According to the Associated Press, Prime Minister Netanyahu has just "frozen" all building in East Jerusalem.

"Israel's prime minister has effectively frozen new Jewish construction in east Jerusalem, municipal officials said Monday, reflecting the need to mend a serious rift with the U.S. and get Mideast peace talks back on track."

This is, no doubt, meant to help the United States and Obama's reputation as a tough negotiator, if not in Teheran than in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem; perhaps this will allow Israel and America to return to the negotiating table where Israel can, yet again, be treated as America's vassal state and punching bag.

Jewish families waiting outside their homes to be evacuated by Arab troops. Jerusalem, Israel. June 1948. John Phillips

Alright — fine. Can someone ask our president to look into the purchase by Hamas of property and territory in West Jerusalem — and for that matter, into the motivation or rewards to the Israeli Arab citizens who are fronting the deal for Hamas? Wealthy Gulf Arabs have also been buying up private land in Israel.

Fine. Let them… go, let Hamas's people go, let their people return to South Syria, Egypt, Transjordan, Jordan too. Does Obama and company truly understand who the Palestinians are, and once were?

Some Israeli legislators are not sure what a "de facto" freeze on building really means. Some believe that Netanyahu was just trying to save face after caving in. Others believe that it was just a bureaucratic snafu.

God only knows.

The Life magazine photographic archives of Jerusalem, 1948, may be found here.

Rubble lying in the streets after Arab looting of Jewish homes. Jerusalem. June 1948. John Phillips

Collectively, the archive paints a haunting and instructive picture of Jews being evicted from the Jewish quarter, their homes and synagogues destroyed, their elderly rabbis being shot at and held hostage by the Jordanian Arab Legion. Please see with your own eyes how Arabs treated Jewish human beings and their holy sites in Jerusalem–long before they again attacked them in 1967.

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