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Published on Sep 18, 2008 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

My Hillary vs. Sarah, America vs. Iran Jewish Problem

Yesterday, I wrote a blog about the true-life story of the stoning of Soraya M, in Iran, which was first a book and is now a film. I tied it to Amadinejad’s upcoming lecture at the UN–but then, rapidly changing events disappeared Soraya’s important story. I am removing the Soraya material for now but will post it as my Monday blog. I am also updating the dis-invitation story which seems never-ending.

What a foolish and shameful dis-invitation it was. I am talking about the decision made by the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations to dis-invite Governor Palin to speak at the rally opposing Amadinejad as he speaks at the UN.

My first NEWSFLASH: The Jewish Telegraphic Agency has just confirmed that Governor Sarah Palin–a strong supporter of Israel–has been disinvited from the rally against President Ahmadinejad. I suggest that my readers call the Conference of Presidents to protest this short-sighted and outrageous decision. Their number is 212-318-6111.

A FURTHER NEWSFLASH: The plot thickens but there is a bottom line; there always is. Obama is the one who decided not to send anyone of rank to stand with the Jews who are opposing Amadinejad’s genocidal and nuclear policies. The Jews in charge did not successfully lean on Obama to come himself, (which would have made sense) but instead, no doubt under some unimaginably heavy pressure, dis-invited Palin. What? Allow Palin to take on the Iranian Monster on prime-time TV and win even more votes? New York Jewish votes? Women’s votes? Anything but that.

To cover themselves, the Conference of Presidents now claim to have dis-invited all politicians; too “partisan,” too distracting from the matter at hand.

I’ll say.

But, where is it written that only one rally opposing Amadinejad’s policies can take place in this fine city of ours? Why not two rallies? There are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of New York City Jews, women, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Vegetarians who would be thrilled to see Palin verbally take down Amadinejad live. Let her hold her own rally. If you call it, people will come.

Perhaps it’s not too late for Biden to change his plan to address the National Guard in Maryland on Monday and, for the first time, stand up to Iran. He hasn’t you see. Yes, yes, I know he was very good on the Violence Against Women Act. Perhaps someone can suggest that he read my upcoming blog on Monday which is about the extraordinary violence perpetrated against women in Iran, which includes being stoned to death.

Perhaps even Obama can change his mind and stand with the Jews and with America and even with all his American political competitors against Iran’s demented and dangerous policies. Let McCain consider addressing a rally too. If Obama can stand with McCain at Ground Zero, surely, surely, a great Uniter can stand with McCain and Biden and Palin opposite the UN.

AN EVEN FURTHER NEWSFLASH: I have just been told that the largest rally ever held in Alaska was just held–by Women Against Palin. This is fast becoming a sickness.

But, I have also been told that Women United, right here in NYC, has invited Governor Palin to speak at a rally on Thursday September 25th at 5:30pm at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on 42nd Street. Apparently, unbelievably, a group of Christian clerics and theologians are honoring the Dinner Jacket.

As someone else wrote: “A hard rain is gonna fall.”

I would like to thank all the discussants on LiberalHawks for their generosity and wisdom on this issue.

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