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Published on Aug 05, 2015 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Israel National News

Jewish Athletes Under Siege in Germany

Jewish athletes, from all over the world, who have assembled in Germany for the Maccabi Games, are being taunted and attacked by Muslims, neo-Nazis, and leftists.

Two "youths" cursed and threw an object at six Jewish men. They have not yet been found. An Arab Muslim was arrested for shouting anti-Semitic slurs at two security guards at the hotel which is housing the 2,000 Jewish athletes, their fans, and their guests. The hotel is 900 meters away from the Al Nur Mosque, "a hotbed of radical Islam."

Alon Meyer, the head of the German umbrella organization for the Maccabi, has advised the athletes to hide their kippot and Jewish stars, to take taxis rather than walk--and to avoid walking in Neukolln, a Muslim "no go" zone.

Yidden: Where are we? Have we time-traveled back to Berlin in 1936 when Jews were excluded from the Olympic competition or have we been teleported to Munich in 1972 when Black September Palestinian terrorists murdered eleven Israeli athletes in cold blood and the German police utterly bumbled both the rescue of the athletes and the apprehension of their killers?

Perhaps we are merely in contemporary Europe where Israeli athletes are routinely "dissed" on the playing field and crowds scream "Jew to the Gas" in the U.K., the Netherlands, Italy, and Poland.

The Jewish Maccabi athletes are being treated like pro-Israel academics, students, and dissidents in the West. In order to work, both groups are being subjected to a surreal gauntlet of hostility.

For the record: The concept of the Maccabiah Games was the brainchild of 15-year old Russian-born Yosef Yekutieli. The Eretz Yisroel teenager was so excited by news of the 1912 Olympic Games that he envisioned a worldwide Olympics for Jewish athletes in Palestine: "With little encouragement, and not a small amount of ridicule, Yekutieli spent the next ten years developing details of his unique idea."

The original Maccabiah was held March 28th to April 6, 1932 and was overwhelmingly successful. It was postponed for fifteen years due to the "rumblings of Nazism" and World War but was reborn in 1950 in the Jewish State. Today, it is an international Jewish multi-sport competition which boasts at least 9,000 athletes competing from 78 countries. Israeli Arabs compete as well.

However, despite such Jewish and Israeli successes in every conceivable realm of activity--perhaps because of such successes--reality began to outpace fiction long ago at least where Jews are concerned.

But here's what I also think.

Fifteen years ago, when I began to focus on the 21st century rise of anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, and the nature of a "Perfect Storm" alliance between a Western intelligentsia and radical Islamists, I realized that Europe may be reaping its terrible, karmic destiny. It perpetrated a genocide upon six million assimilated, non-violent, peaceful Semites (the Jews) and has now inherited a whirlwind of millions of non-assimilated, hostile, and violent Semites: the illiterate, jihadist Muslims, who prey on their own women and dissidents as well as on all infidels.

In my opinion, President Obama's arrangement with Iran is bound to fund ever more terrorist attacks globally. Arming the Sunnis against the Iranian Shiites--even arming Israel--is just another way of "pivoting" towards a series of Armageddon-like battles.

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