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Posted in: Anti-Semitism, Culture Wars & Censorship

Published on Sep 21, 2008 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

J Street Jews: The McCarthyites of our Era

Ah yes, my people, my nation, my burden, my glory, my J Street. The Jews of J Street have named themselves after an imaginary street in Washington, DC, a suitable name for the kind of imaginary but dangerous human engineering projects they have in mind both for America and for the Middle East. The J Street Jews would rather die at Ahmadinejad's hands–as long as a Democrat is voted into the White House–than live under a Republican administration.

Hence, their alleged strong-arm tactics against The Conference of Presidents whom they allegedly forced to dis-invite Governor Palin as a speaker. Among their threats: Interminable lawsuits challenging the Conference's not-for-profit status if they end up with a speaker from only one party. Of course, that would not have been the case if Hillary had not pulled out or if Obama had chosen to send along another Democrat.

Please note that I have written "allegedly" twice because the J Streeters and Obama's people in general are…trial lawyers. It has been reported that their chief fundraiser is Victor Kovner, the well-known First Amendment lawyer. Free speech for Stalinists, leftists, and Democrats–indignant cries of Foul when any other point of view is voiced. Unless of course, that point of view is Islamist or Fascist or even Nazi in orientation. That's when the ACLU and the First Amendment fundamentalists really roll up their sleeves.

The J Streeters are heady with this shameful victory. They hope to replace AIPAC as Obama's Jewish-Lobby-of-Choice. From their point of view, Obama, not McCain, is the only man who will be able to save both America and Israel and therefore, McCain and Palin must be stopped at any cost–even if it means the chilling of public, free speech. Where have I heard this before, this dangerous little ditty about the "End Justifying the Means," unless of course the "end" involves defending the West from Jihad and the "means" involves denying Islamists both speech, special privileges, and unfettered access to bomb us all to Hell.

Clearly, the Democrats, including the liberal Jewish Democrats, are unable and unwilling to work with Republicans, who are, after all, also Americans. They would rather stand with a genocidal and nuclear Ahmadinjad than with Republicans. Even when there are no risks involved. No "sit ins," no "act ups," no "act outs," no hoped-for shedding of blood. C'mon, the event is not the storming of Evin Prison in Tehran–it is a peaceful rally outside the UN. Well, maybe that's why the Jewish left/liberals are not interested.

Some have urged people not attend a rally which has already engaged in a McCarthy-like chilling of free and "partisan" speech. I am dodging this particular bullet. We live in a democracy. You can make up your own mind.

However, I do urge you to attend a rally which has been called for Thursday, September 25th, at 5:30 pm, outside the Grand Hyatt Hotel. A number of high-profile anti-Zionist Christian groups (The American Friends Service Committee, Mennonite Central Committee, Quaker UN Office, Religions for Peace, and the World Council of Churches-UN Liaison Office) have invited Ahmadinejad to speak. According to Women United/Code Red, ([3] www.925rally.org), in addition to themselves, the Jewish Action Alliance, Amcha, Stand With Us, Center for Security Policy, the Catholic League, the Traditional Values Coalition, the Alliance of Iranian Women and over 20 other organizations of all faiths and political affiliations will hold an interfaith rally to "counter this betrayal, to protest Ahmadinejad's presence," etc. Women United have invited Governor Sarah Palin to speak. They have also invited many other people.

Go. Stand in solidarity against this monster whose state has sponsored more terrorism than any other and whose mind missiles are aimed at the heart of Tel Aviv and New York. Well, maybe you won't have to, maybe the U.S. government will, at the last moment, decide not to allow him to enter.

And by the way, the World Council of Churches (above) includes, but is not limited to the following churches: the African Methodist Episcopal Church; The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church; American Baptist Churches in the USA; Christian Methodist Episcopal Church; The Coptic Orthodox Church in North America; The Episcopal Church;
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America–and many more denominations which represent the Armenians, Hungarians, Koreans, Syrians, Moravians, Russian Orthodox, Poles, Serbian Orthodox, Ukrainian Orthodox, and the United Methodist Church.

The Christians, who are being persecuted by fanatic Muslim leaders and mobs are seeking an interfaith dialogue with Ahmadinejad. It passeth all understanding…

NEWSFLASH: A reader has posted a comment. Really, I am not amused. She insists that the J-Streeters cannot possibly be the new McCarthyites. The hell they can't.

She claims, sweetly, that of course Palin could not speak because no Democrat would be speaking. Ah, but she forgets that Senator Hillary Clinton, who has been campaigning for Obama, had been invited to this rally and she BACKED OUT when she learned that Governor Palin had also been invited. Obama did not decide to come himself nor did Biden agree to come. Obama did not decide to send any other high-ranking Democrat.

Anyway, this reader (whom I believe is an Obama volunteer operative whose "mission" it is to spread Obama's point of view on perceived conservative blogsites), owes me several "positive" comments–and this time, from the heart, not just pro forma. C'mon, I know you can do it.

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