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Published on Apr 14, 2010 by Jeanette Pryor

Published by NewsRealBlog

Dr. "Cassandra" Chesler Lets Slip the Dogs of War and Why I Hope They Hound Ron Paul

On Sunday, April 11, while sirens loaned their wailing lament to Six Million Ghosts, all human activity in Israel ceased, honoring the near extinction of European Jews during the First Holocaust.

With the abandonment of Israel by the Spiritual Son of Jeremiah "Them Jews ain't going to let him talk to me" Wright, an impending Second Holocaust lumbers, Frankenstein-like, out of the pages of fictional nightmare toward possibility.

In her article, Jews Confront the Abyss: 'The Absence of Outrage is Outrageous' Dr. Phyllis Chesler cries out to American Jews:

"…our cup runneth over because we also know that some Jew-haters and Israel demonizers are themselves Jews. Their names are legion. We also know that most American Jewish leaders have left a great deal to be desired."

"America is rapidly changing in terms of its relationship to Israel and to Islamism. My passport is ready, near my bedside. Others are worried, just as I am. Jews cry: "Never again." Jews cry: "No more will we be silent." I will now endanger myself further and begin "naming" some names. It is the very least I can do."

"In early 2004, eight months after my book The New Anti-Semitism was published, I wrote that, in a sense, a new Holocaust had already begun in Israel. Back in the fall of 2003, Abe Foxman of the ADL finally published his book about anti-Semitism. When someone serious actually tries to wrestle with the growing danger of Islamism/political Islam, Foxman goes out of his way to attack that person."

"Now, in 2010…after all the Jewish liberals have voted for Obama and continue to work or stand by their man, Foxman has, for the first time, called for a Jewish march on Washington to demonstrate support for the state of Israel."

"I call on all enlightened countries to rise up to forcefully and firmly condemn Iran's destructive intentions and to act with genuine determination to stop it from acquiring nuclear weapons. These are the three lessons of the Holocaust: fight evil, teach good deeds and fortify your strength."

This morning, the Drudge Report featured a 2012 straw-man poll placing Ron Paul one point behind Obama. American Jews who share Dr. Chesler's solicitude for Israel, must understand that they have no greater cause for alarm than this rising popularity of Ron Paul. An unexposed Ron Paul presents a credible "Third Party" threat, potentially drawing votes from a pro-Israel cadidate, possibly giving Obama a second-term during which to further compromise the safety of Israel.

Rand Paul, Ron's son, is seeking the nomination for the Kentucky Senate Seat. He heavily campaigned for his father's 2008 Presidential bid and has stated that he agrees almost entirely with his father on foreign policy regarding Israel.

On RonPaul.com, the Congressman posted a lengthy protest to Israel's defensive action in Gaza. Though he claims that "we should be neutral and have no opinion or involvement in this war," he dedicated six minutes to castigating Israel:

"Today, Israel invaded Gaza. It's a pretty sad day for the whole world…Israel says they have to go in to prevent a problem and who knows for what other reasons."

Contradicting his own admonition, Paul takes sides, of course, against Israel:

"The position that we should hold is that we should be on neither side. This conflict has been going on, not for decades, but for hundreds of years and we're right in the middle of it. Even though Israel did the invading, we will be blamed for it and there is truth to this because Israel depends on us…they get all their weapons from us. This means we have just antagonized the Muslim/Arab world more than ever before."

"There is no benefit for us to be involved in this fight. The Palestinians are virtually in a concentration camp. They only have a few rockets…nothing compared to the firepower of Israel. Some are saying that Iran is involved with Hamas, but when you think of us being there with Israel, it's kind of an academic issue right now."

The specific danger of Ron Paul's Anti-Semitism is its revolting cowardice and deceptive character. Aware that openly targeting Israel will alienate conservative voters, he disguises his desertion of Israel as "constitutional concern for the fiscal and global best-interests of America."

Only adolescent political ignorance could propose the dissolution of all non-trade related alliances and treaties. The Pauls' simplistic and sanctimonious misrepresentation of the Founding Fathers' intentions and the delegitimizing of two hundred years of court-sanctioned international relations lead to nothing but moral bankruptcy and the enshrining of nationalized narcissism. Is the spirit of America to allow entire nations to be enslaved or vaporized because our high principles prevent us from getting involved, except to advance our material well being?

The problem with Paul's solution to the Israeli question is REALITY. We are Israel's only significant ally. He says himself that Israel depends upon us. If we withdraw our monetary aid to Jordan, Egypt or the "Palestinian" Arabs, no serious harm will come to them, since they are or could be further supported by Iran, Saudi Arabia, not to mention Hollywood.

We are compelled, by our national character and our very humanity, to stand with Israel; with Israel against a regime promoting her extinction and the establishment of a universal sexist dictatorship. The Reality is that we must take sides, not only for our own benefit and that of Israel, but that of the very "Palestinians" who are used by their masters as international leverage for the Sharia revolution.

The Reality that would result from Paul's policies is foretold by the Cassandras, by the memorial sirens, and by the Six Million Ghosts; if we withdraw support from Israel, it will be annihilated. And by "It," I mean THEY, the Children of the Ghosts, the Children who would not exist today if the "America First" propaganda, the same embraced by Ron and Rand Paul, had triumphed in America during the First Holocaust when national interests were deemed more important than support of the Jews.

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