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Published on Mar 22, 2010 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

Clinton Does AIPAC: In The Shadow of Anti-Semitism

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just spoke to AIPAC, where 7,500 people had gathered to hear her preach the word. According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and the Israel Project, Clinton condemned both the Palestinian "culture of hate" and its "incitement" to murder Jews based on falsified information—and the Israeli "settlement" construction which, she claimed, "undermines America's unique ability to play a role" in the peace process.

The two are not the same and are not morally equivalent; further, Israel does not exist in order to allow America to claim prowess in taming the Jewish state—even as it fails to confront Iran and jihad in a meaningful way.

Clinton said that "new construction in East Jerusalem or the West Bank undermines mutual trust and endangers the proximity talks that are the first step toward the full negotiations that both sides want and need." Ahem. There is only one side that wants negotiation and a two-state solution. That side is Israel. The Palestinians remain divided—and are only united in their refusal to accept a Palestinian state except if that state will occupy space "from the river to the sea," which would mean the destruction of the only Jewish state.

For the record, Clinton stressed that America was a strong supporter of Israel. She said: "Our commitment to Israel's security and Israel's future is rock solid…Guaranteeing Israel's security is more than a policy position for me. It is a personal commitment that will never waver." (Hope she means it, hope she means it more than she "meant it" when she embraced Suha Arafat who had just finished excoriating the Israelis for poisoning the Palestinian women–God I hope she means it so much that Obama will sell the bunker busters, Apache helicopters, and refueling systems to Israel without which Israel cannot defend itself against Iran–alright, will not have the option of confronting Iran on Iranian soil).

As expected, Clinton received several standing ovations.

She also stated that "Elements in Iran's government have become a menace, both to their own people and in the region. Iran's President foments anti-Semitism and threatens to destroy Israel."

However, it is entirely unclear what she and President Obama are planning to do about this. Thus far, they have only appeased Iran and our various enemies and humiliated, shamed, and scapegoated Israel for America's inability or refusal to take on Islamism and jihad.

Clinton did say: "Our message to Hamas is clear: Renounce violence, recognize Israel, and abide by previous signed agreements. And I will repeat today what I have said many times before: Gilad Shalit must be released immediately and reunited with his family."

Fine words. The time for action is long overdue. Maybe Madam Clinton can start by arranging a Red Cross visit with Shalit? A bag of Israeli candies? Perchance, a commando rescue operation?

Last night, in Oxford, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon was heckled and threatened during an invited address. One protester yelled out: "Slaughter the Jews." Television cameras recorded the remark. According to Israel National News, Minister Ayalon characterized the remark as "tantamount to genocide and grounds for a lawsuit."

Which brings me to the film Veit Harlan: In the Shadow of Jew Suss, which was a very popular film in Nazi Germany. The filmmaker, Harlin, with his brilliant and popular anti-Semitic films, far outdid the Oxford protester who shouted "Slaughter the Jews."

Harlan himself was found innocent of such incitement—not once, but twice. (He was tried for crimes against humanity). However, the film points out that one of his judges himself had two Russian women beheaded for stealing headscarves during a military siege.

Harlan's Nazi-era films were seen by millions of Germans and Europeans. They were required viewing for all SS officers. Today, even filthier propaganda against the Jews can be seen by billions around the globe, 24/7. Goebbels and Harlan did in miniature what is being done today far more maximally and lethally.

The film about Harlan the filmmaker, by Felix Moeller, interviews Harlan's children and grandchildren. Harlan himself showed no remorse; he expressed neither shame nor guilt. However, his children and grandchildren (who now live in Germany, France, and Italy) are wrestling with guilt, with issues of their own culpable, "tainted" blood and with having to live with–or live down–the reputation that their family name bears. Those of Harlan's children who loved their father are guilty because they do. One son absolutely refuses to discuss on camera what he feels or thinks about his father as a public figure. It is a "private matter" as far as he is concerned. Harlan married twice and had two sets of children, one of whom married a half-Jewish man. The granddaughter of this union poignantly notes that she has one grandfather who literally murdered her other grandfather, a man who died in a Nazi concentration camp.

As a film, the documentary is overly long and slow. But, as history it is a document of some importance.

Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama: The fate of the Jews is in your hands. It will, once again, be determined, but this time, it will be on your watch.

Of course, the fate of the Jews is also in Jewish and Israeli hands—and in the hands of all those who love Jewish Israel and who understand Israel's role in the destiny of civilizations. Israel's fate is also in God's hands who watches over Israel, who curses those who curse Israel and who blesses those who bless Israel.

Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama: The Arab countries are more concerned with Iran's rise than with Israel's existence. Your failure to deal with Iran quickly and forcefully might indeed drive even the most Jew-hating Arab leaders into an alliance with Israel against Iran. If you don't believe me—please read my friend and colleague Professor Barry Rubin on this.

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