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Posted in: World Events

Published on Mar 23, 2020 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Phyllis Chesler

China, America, You, Me

How can we keep thinking about nothing but this plague? But, on the other hand, what else is as important? What else commands our worried and weary attention?

I have written about other subjects, posted photos of Nature for those quarantined in city apartments, and yet my thoughts keep returning to whether I or loved ones have already been infected; whether more and more people will die; what will become of us—all of us?

I hold China totally responsible for this devastation. Assuming that this was an accident and not purposeful; whether it emanated from Wuhan’s open-air wet market or from the Bio-terrorism research Institute, also in Wuhan; the Chinese government’s failure to warn, disclose, and reveal all in a timely fashion was not just unwise; in my view, it is liable, both economically and criminally, for our vast global devastation and for the world’s loss of lives.

May this be a wake-up call to American manufacturers who have outsourced so many of their businesses, including pharmaceuticals and technology, to China, merely in order to maximize their profit margins.

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