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Posted in: Feminism

Published on Aug 03, 2018 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Tablet Magazine

Betty Friedan and SCUM

In the first of four excerpts from Phyllis Chesler’s ‘A Politically Incorrect Feminist,’ the unholy feminist civil wars

It’s impossible to convey how excited I was—how excited we all were. While at work at the Brain Research Labs, I somehow heard about a women’s meeting. I rushed out, still wearing my white lab coat. I was on the streets searching for “the women,” as if a group of aliens had suddenly landed on Earth.

We were all lost in a dream—but we had never been so awake. Women who were once invisible to each other were now the only visible creatures. Women—who used to see one another as wicked stepsisters—had magically transformed into fairy godmothers.

Some of us smoked and drank, wore motorcycle boots, tough leather jackets, and no makeup; we were rather butch, whether we were straight or not. Suddenly we were the ones who made things happen, not those to whom things happened.

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