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Posted in: Anti-Semitism

Published on Jul 02, 2008 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

Another Google Surprise. Whatever the Subject Is, It Is Always About Palestine

While we in the West blunder on, the diabolically crafty and patient Palestinian leadership and its many supporters have been busy inserting their propaganda into every conceivable forum. I have written before about such propaganda taking over the United Nations, international human rights groups, and large chunks of the Western media and universities. Wikipedia has also been infected with anti-Israel bias and with maps that do not show the Jewish state.

Of course, what the propagandists publish, film and say in the Arab and Muslim world about Israel, Jews, and America is unimaginably worse.

And now, for my own little discovery. I have been researching a health-related piece. When I googled some relevant subject areas I was surprised to find something about Palestine and against Israel on the first Google page. This means that someone has been publishing anti-Israel material and then doing whatever is necessary to get a huge number of people to press on the link; this is what gets an article on the first Google search page.

Thus, if you google "avoidable hospital deaths" HERE you will find ten examples on the first page. The first seven and the last two articles concern what happens in American and British hospitals. The eighth piece is titled "Palestine Monitor. Avoidable Tragedies" and it links to a site devoted to "exposing life under the occupation." Seven Palestinian patients are listed, four of whom died, allegedly because they could not enter Israel due to the closing of various "crossings." (And no, of course not, the site does not explain why Israel has had to set up checkpoints and close crossings).

I do not know whether any of these Palestine Monitor examples are true or false. Based on the epidemic "Pallywood" and faux-tography tactics of the Palestinians, these people may not even exist and their deaths, like that of the iconic Mohammed al-Dura, may not even have occurred. Or, their deaths may not be due to the Israeli "occupation." (And no, the site does not explain that most Palestinians are treated in Israeli hospitals).

Nevertheless, if this Palestine Monitor has managed to get itself on the first Google page–I wonder how many other highly politicized examples of Palestinian propaganda which are unrelated to the topic at hand have nevertheless managed to land themselves on the first Google page? All the other examples on this Google page concern unnecessary or avoidable deaths in hospitalsdue to medical error or staff neglect. The Palestinians who allegedly died were not in hospitals. There is no other example that Google links to which offers a political-military reason for hospital-based avoidable deaths.

Gotta hand it to them. (How many nerds do they have seated at computers pressing away?) We may not only have to learn from our enemies or "stoop to their level;" we must absolutely outwit and outlast them in terms of creating and combating such propaganda. We must also come up with lasting surprises of our own.

Does anyone have any ideas? Please post a comment and I will respond.

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