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Published on Sep 16, 2008 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

Americans Should Add the Danish Flag to Our Lapels in Honor of how the Danes Respond to Jihad

Wall Street totters and people who only yesterday were multi-millionaires are literally paupers today. Hurricanes devastate the Caribbean and Texas and people are dead, homeless, without power of any kind. Trains collide in California and people are dead, wounded. While greed and hubristic risk-taking might have played a role in the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and Bear Sterns, the lesson for most of us is this: Some devastation cannot be predicted nor can we protect ourselves from it.

But there is another kind of devastation that is now also upon us. I see it, others see it, but many Americans refuse to acknowledge it and therefore refuse to stop it in its tracks. Yes, I am talking about Islamic gender and religious apartheid and its penetration of the West, including America. (I am not talking about Muslims as civilian individuals but about the practices and theories that characterize contemporary and historical Islam).

Here is the kind of man-made and preventable devastation that is surely coming our way.

A Moroccan Islamic theologian, Mohamed Ben Sheikh Abderrahman Al Maghraoui, has just issued a fatwa "legalizing" the union between a nine year-old child and an adult man. Al Maghraoui views nine year old girls as more sexually suitable than twenty year olds. Cooler Moroccan heads are outraged and promise to protect their children from such abuse.

Muslim immigrant gangs are now fighting in the streets of Copenhagen against non-violent anti-Islamist groups, and against left-wing, neo-Nazi, and ethnic Danish Hells Angels. The Muslims are fighting a guerilla-style war. They dress as civilians, they appear and disappear via cell phone jihad (they call 50-100 Muslims in Arabic, Urdu, to surround the police when the police attempt to arrest any Muslim rioter.) And, although Denmark absorbed death and boycott threats galore after they published the Danish cartoons–nevertheless, a Danish publisher has promised to publish an erotic escape novel about the Prophet by Sherry Jones.

As yet, there is no such fighting in the streets of America. And yet, Random House, an American publisher cancels the publication of the Sherry Jones' novel which is, strictly speaking, about the Prophet Mohammed's marriage to the six year old Aisha, a marriage which he consummated when she was nine.

In Saudi Arabia, a cleric, Sheikh Muhammad Munajid, calls for the death of Mickey Mouse (!) who, he claims, is "one of Satan's soldiers," corrupts children, and makes everything it touches impure. The Sheikh, a former diplomat at the Saudi embassy in Washington D.C., is horrified that Mickey is seen as "loveable."

Iranian President Amadinejad repeatedly calls for the death of Israel–but is about to be welcomed as a hero in New York City by the United Nations General Assembly.

New York City should get rid of the United Nations.

America, NATO, India, Israel and Middle Eastern Arab states should make it impossible for Iran to become a nuclear power.

And we, the people, who are currently obsessed with the American Presidential–no, scratch that–who are mesmerized by the Republican Vice-Presidential candidate and by the Wall Street-like meltdown of the liberal mainstream media: I suggest that all American patriots add the Danish flag to their lapels.

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