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Posted in: Anti-Semitism, Jihad & Terrorism

Published on Dec 17, 2008 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Pajamas Media

American-UN Ambassador Rice and Durban II

What Will She Do?

What is Susan Rice, our future Cabinet-level Ambassador to the United Nations, planning to do about Durban II, the upcoming hate-fest against Israel that the UN is planning for April in Geneva? Does Ambassador-elect Rice (no relation to Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice), believe that America has the power to sweet-talk evil by sitting down with it, that "not talking" is worse than "talking?"

Only Susan Rice will not be doing the "talking" in Geneva. She will be forced to listen to the wildest and most diabolical ravings against Israel (the symbol for the West, which, when last I looked, includes America)–and all in the name of anti-racism. Will her presence there be seen as legitimating such ravings, as signaling to the Muslim tyrannies that America is willing to sacrifice Israel for the sake of other American interests? Or, might Rice view her refusal to attend a kangaroo court in Geneva as the most eloquent statement America could make against the Orwellian misuse of language by crafty savages who mean to bring the West down? Just as Islamists persecute, murder, and exile infidels in Muslim countries and forbid them to openly practice any religion other than Islam, these same perpetrators of racism and religious Apartheid increasingly scapegoat Israel as an "apartheid-racist" country–and claim that Islam and Muslims are being persecuted, that people are "Islamophobic."

Ambassador-elect Rice worked in former President Bill Clinton's State Department. She was mentored by Secretary of State Madeline Albright. Susan Rice has allegedly said that the only former Ambassador to the UN whom she will not be turning to for advice is John Bolton, who was exceptionally principled when it came to anti-American and anti-Israel sentiments at the UN. Ambassador-elect Rice has also been lauded as someone who believes in "global connectivity," opposes terrorism, and who might actually consider putting "boots on the ground" in order to stop the genocide in Darfur.

Well, that would have to be American boots. The UN won't do anything. Indeed, their "peacekeeping" soldiers are often part of the problem–yes, in Haiti, Ivory Coast, and in South Sudan. They rape the female children. I wonder whether Rice thinks she can change the UN culture? How many dinners, cocktail parties, glamorous foreign and closed door meetings will it take for her to discover that this is, at best, a Sisyphean task?

But, how long will it take the tyrants to discover that our new American President, and his chosen UN Ambassador, who certainly both look "African," are really and truly Americans with an American concept of freedom, human rights, and womens' rights? (Unless they turn out to be more like Europeans….)

For those who know absolutely nothing about Durban II, please see The Israel Project's excellent Fact Sheet about it, below. (Thank you Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi). But, above all, go to Anne Bayfesky's splendid "Eye on the UN" website. In fact, go there to read the ad that appeared in the Washington Times on December 11, 2008. I am one of 25 fairly august signatories, including Elie Wiesel, Alan Dershowitz, Bernard Lewis, Sir Harold Evans, and our own Victor Davis Hanson and Michael Ledeen.

We call upon President-elect Obama and Secretary of State-Designate, Hillary Clinton to "defeat Anti-Semitism and Stand with Israel." The ad asks them to "say YES to racial and religious equality and freedom from anti-Semitism by saying NO to attending the UN Durban II Conference…Make no mistake, this conference will not combat racism, but will promote and fuel hatred toward Israel, America, and the free world. This conference will not be about the spread of free expression, but how to curb it."

Contact numbers are provided for those who wish to make their views known to President-elect Obama, Secretary of State-Designate Clinton, as well as others.

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