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Posted in: Culture Wars & Censorship

Published on Aug 28, 2007 by Phyllis Chesler

Published by Phyllis Chesler

A New Kind of Boston Tea Party

It has been said--and I agree--that it is the better part of wisdom to both understand views with which one strongly disagrees and to support the right of one's political opponents to speak freely. However, these noble sentiments are not exactly useful when one's opponent is a gargantuan liar and engages in evil deeds.

Still, I mourn the loss of civilized dialogue among presumably civilized people who no longer exchange views but only insults masquerading as views for which they are applauded, lauded and often well-paid. Everyone's mind remains firmly closed. Dialogue is increasingly impossible among people who will only talk to those who agree with them 100% on each and every issue.

In the West, Talking Heads are meant to destroy their opponents, not to communicate with them. Civilized audiences consider this entertainment much as our ancestors once experienced public hangings or lynchings--indeed, as many non-Western Islamist mobs still do today.

However, I do not favor denial and naiveté. Those are dangerous virtues today. Thus, anyone who continues to read the mainstream media (which I do) or to watch CNN (which I also do) because they believe it will inform them in an unbiased way is choosing to be misinformed and electing to have their most vulgar prejudices confirmed. CNN dropped all pretense to objectivity, accuracy, and fairness when they aired (and kept airing) the Gospels According to Christiane.

CNN is a Nazi-like channel, which glamorizes fascism. CNN truly stands for Central Nazi Network just as NPR stands for National Palestinian Radio. I have been saying this for a long while and sometimes it evokes laughter, but it often provokes great anger among True Believers who feel these networks deliver naught but the Gospel truth.

Now is the time for investors and visionaries to fund at least one new major channel dedicated to the principal that...Saudi funding is unacceptable.

Dump that money into the Boston Harbor.

We in the West are paying for our own destruction when we buy Saudi oil and when we fund Saudi Arabia militarily. (I know, I know, the matter is very complex). But here is something that is not complex. We are also paving the way for the Islamification of America when we allow Islamist capitalists to buy up our airwaves for the purpose of indoctrinating us.

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