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Published on Jul 21, 2014 by Phyllis Chesler

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A Letter To My People

Dearest Friends and Colleagues:

I sit here, gazing at the wind-tossed Aegean, but my heart is in Zion--and it is breaking.

I know that Israel must do exactly what it is doing but I mourn the high price Jews have always had to pay to survive in this hate-filled world.

We have just lost young and not-so-young heroes, blessed heroes, who have already become part of the eternal pantheon of Jewish and Israeli soldiers who have fallen: honorably and forever.

All of us know Israeli soldiers and the parents and grandparents of Israeli soldiers--this war, all such wars, pre-1948, 1948, 1967, 1973, 2000--and on, to name only some, have been agonizingly personal.

I have spent the days and nights of my vacation monitoring this increasingly hot war and circulating articles where they might do the most good in terms of the propaganda war against the truth, the Jews, Israel, America, and the West.

As I have written thousands of times before: Both are very hot wars. For example, despite everything we know, the NYT has today focused on the Israeli hate propaganda, less so on the truly filthy and vicious and relentless propaganda put out by Palestinians and by Arab and Islamist leaders.

The propaganda war now drives the demonstrations, what passes for diplomacy, and influences what can happen on the ground.

I believe that Hamas is, for the first time, diplomatically isolated; that Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia do not want a Shiite-Hezbollah or a Muslim Brotherhood victory in the region; that the media has been somewhat more truthful about what is going on and therefore, more sympathetic to Israel's plight and narrative. Will this last? Will it last long enough to give some cover to Israeli troops who are trying to clean out the terrifying, nightmarish, tunnels?

I do not know. I am clear that Israel is on the front line fighting against barbarism, terrorism, and international Jihad; that no great civilization is ever destroyed from without--that has not first destroyed itself from within. Western culture and countries have allowed hostile, devouring parasites to feed upon them and have justified both the hostility and the parasitism as "politically correct," given the West's previous history of colonialism, racism, etc.

The Western media, intelligentsia, human rights organizations, etc. are all rooting for the barbarians to win. They are OUR suicidal "bombers" by proxy since they are providing intellectual respectability to ISIS, the Taliban, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, etc.

What Israeli is fighting--and dying for--is Western Enlightenment civilization, Judea-Christian culture: individual rights, human rights, women's rights, freedom of conscience, freedom of expression and inquiry, the right to live in peace free of totalitarian and theocratic control.

At this time, I want to offer my most profound condolences to the families who have lost sons, brothers, fathers, husbands, cousins, friends, and colleagues. I stand with noble, surgically precise and ethical Israel, who continues to spare as many civilians as possible while it is demonized for not doing so.

My people: We have been here a long time. I know we will ultimately prevail. I do not know the price we will have to pay this time.

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