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Published on Oct 10, 2013 by Phyllis Chesler

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A Daze of Glamor and Gravitas in Living Color

The 92nd St Y was packed and my co-panelists, religious Muslim feminist, Raqel Evita Saraswati, and acclaimed ex-Muslim author, Ibn Warraq, were both fabulous. I myself wasn't bad. Raquel, whose hijab is always so glamorous that I am momentarily tempted to wear one, had challenged me to a glamour test. She did not want to be the only "exotic ethnic" and I hope I came through. I wore about 2 pounds of makeup on my face and sported the longest, flashiest earrings I own. Our dear friend, Ibn Warraq, simply wore a jacket and a tie and represented Old School gravitas very well. He is also my dearest friend and he can comment on footnotes that refer to footnotes that are contained in yet other footnotes in a wide variety of volumes. For those who want to hear us live, here is a link. Afterwards, several interviews were also compiled here.

For those that want to hear me live on NPR, press here or on a podcast at the literary review Beatrice, press here. I want to formally thank Joanne Palmer, the editor of the Jewish Standard, for putting me on the cover—and for laying out thirteen photos over a three page spread inside. Beautifully done, much appreciated. See the on-line version here.

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