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Phyllis Chesler
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. Article Title Appeared Published
The UN’s Sonderbehandlung of the Jewish state Israel Today Jan 10, 2022
Steel on Steel with Phyllis Chesler Steel on Steel Nov 19, 2021
Women's Freedom Forum Phyllis Chesler Nov 06, 2021
Book Reading with Ann Osmond Phyllis Chesler Organization Nov 06, 2021
Pauline Bart, 91, Sociologist Who Mapped Women’s Challenges, Dies New York Times Oct 30, 2021
Talkline With Zev Brenner Podcast Talkline Sep 28, 2021
Conservative Casual Friday--Suffer Afghan Women under the Taliban Blog Talk Radio Sep 17, 2021
At War, Redeemed by a Moment of Opera: Aria Code Aria Code Aug 25, 2021
Biden To Afghanistan; “Drop Dead”–Taiwan, Ukraine & Israel are Watching The Jewish Voice Aug 18, 2021
Taliban sweep into Afghan Capital after Government Collapses, Afghan Women in Dire Peril The Jewish Voice Aug 17, 2021
“Il mondo islamico è molto diverso dal nostro giudaico-cristiano” Giulio Meotti Aug 02, 2021
Interview: Phyllis Chesler was Cancelled Before It was Cool 4W Jun 16, 2021
Hamas Launches Unprecedented Rocket Barrage on Israel; Arabs Lay Siege on Lod The Jewish Voice May 12, 2021
Interview with Phyllis Chesler: Groundbreaking feminist psychology pioneer and activist Association for Women in Psychology Mar 06, 2021
Writers’ Bloc Podcast: Phyllis Chesler Writers’ Bloc Podcast Jan 28, 2021
Ein Brief an Jeff Bezos, den Fürsten von Amazon Achgut Jan 22, 2021
AM Northwest, "Requiem for a Female Serial Killer" KATU-TV Jan 22, 2021
Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang on Sirius XM Sirius XM Jan 11, 2021
A Page-Turner with a Social Conscience: Requiem for a Serial Killer by Phyllis Chesler Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence Jan 09, 2021
A Feminist Fighting for Women’s Rights on Many Fronts Dr. Nancy Jan 05, 2021
PODCAST: Phyllis Chesler on Aileen Wuornos, America’s ‘first female serial killer’ Feminist Current Jan 04, 2021
In the Eye of the Beholder Ebisu Publications Jan 02, 2021
Eine verbotene feministische Fantasie Achgut Dec 23, 2020
On the Couch with Dr. Michelle Cohen LA Talk Radio Dec 22, 2020
Requiem for a Female Serial Killer—A Quillette Review Quillette Dec 20, 2020
THE CRIMINOLOGY SHELF Midwest Book Review Dec 07, 2020
Book Reading with Bill Martinez Bill Martinez Show Nov 23, 2020
Too Jewish with Rabbi Cohon and Friends Too Jewish with Rabbi Cohon and Friends Nov 18, 2020
Meeting a Monster FrontPage Magazine Nov 18, 2020
Aileen Wuornos: Did America's First Female Serial Killer Act in Self-Defense? A&E Crime Blog Nov 12, 2020
This Author’s Life Phyllis Chesler Organization Nov 12, 2020
True Murder Podcast True Murder Podcast Nov 12, 2020
WFLA TV/Daytime WFLATV Nov 09, 2020
Ep. 1302: Female Serial Killers The Kathryn Zox Show Nov 04, 2020
Addressing the shadow pandemic in India Zoom Oct 28, 2020
INTERVIEW: Phyllis Chesler on Aileen Wuornos and Valerie Solanas, icons of female violence against men Feminist Current Oct 10, 2020
How has the term “feminism” changed since the 1960s? Unscripted Sep 29, 2020
Das Verhalten von Frauen spiegelt ihre Unterdrückung wider Versorgerin Sep 07, 2020
The Book That Made Us Feminists New York Times Sep 07, 2020
How Covid-19 Amplifies the Failures of Family Court New York Review of Books Sep 02, 2020
Are Israeli youth developing a rape culture? Israel National News Sep 02, 2020
No one has the ‘right’ to have a baby Unherd Aug 17, 2020
Spy Planes & Armed Agents Used in “Movie Drama” Arrest of Epstein Gal Pal The Jewish Voice Jul 09, 2020
Phyllis Chesler on the Fight against Honor Killings Middle East Forum May 27, 2020
Phyllis Chesler and "A Politically Incorrect Feminist" Adversaria Podcast May 05, 2020
Special COVID-19 Webinar Moderated by Lauri B. Regan EmetOnline Apr 29, 2020
Enemies Within Series: Phyllis Chesler, Islamic Gender Apartheid: Exposing a Veiled War Against Women Sharia Crime Stoppers Mar 26, 2020
The Irony and Hypocrisy of World Hijab Day National Review Jan 31, 2020
Phyllis Chesler and Incorrect Feminism New English Review Press Jan 27, 2020
Who is Responsible for Palestinian Honor Killing? The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jan 27, 2020
An American Conversation Podcast with Phyllis Chesler, Feminist Icon An American Conversation Podcast Jan 07, 2020
Unity Prevails as 25K March Against Anti-Semitism in NYC; Leaders Promise Action The Jewish Voice Jan 06, 2020
I fear it is too late to drain the antisemitism swamp Israel National News Dec 23, 2019
Citizens Gone Wild #19: Phyllis Chesler A Shared Universe Podcast Network Dec 16, 2019
Anti-Semitic Hate Spewed by Locals After Jersey City Attack The Jewish Voice Dec 12, 2019
Antisemitism in the western culture Weekly Blitz Nov 21, 2019
Phyllis Chesler: The Radical Feminist Who Refuses Your Intersectional Anti-Israel Slot (Judean Rose) Elderofziyon.blogspot.com Oct 16, 2019
It Is Absurd To Blame The West For Muslim “Honor” Crimes The Jewish Press Sep 18, 2019
Physical Abuse of Prostitutes Is Common Thoughtco Jul 15, 2019
"A Bias Steam-Ironed into Women's Lives": A Conversation with Author Phyllis Chesler about Women and Madness, 47 Years After Publication Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence Jun 25, 2019
How a Feminist Prophet Became an Apostate—An Interview with Dr Phyllis Chesler Quillette Jun 21, 2019
A Politically Incorrect Feminist: Creating a Movement with Bitches, Lunatics, Dykes, Prodigies, Warriors, and Wonder Women Reviewed by Shulamit Magnus Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies & Gender Issues Jun 19, 2019
Wiki: Nonfiction Books That Show The Human Side Of Global Conflicts Phyllis Chesler Jun 03, 2019
Phyllis Chesler, ‘A Politically Incorrect Feminist’ Adversaria Podcast Mar 12, 2019
The long wait for legalized surrogacy may soon end in New York NBC Feb 07, 2019
Why Women Living With Mental Illness Deserve Justice Now More Than Ever Girlboss Feb 03, 2019
Young Saudis Risk Their Lives in Pursuit of Freedom Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, CDHR, Washington DC Jan 10, 2019
Risking Their Lives, Saudi Women Fight for Emancipation Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia Jan 04, 2019
The Hard-Earned Lessons of a Born Maverick Los Angeles Review of Books Dec 26, 2018
PODCAST: Phyllis Chesler remains steadfast in being ‘politically incorrect’ FeministCurrent Dec 14, 2018
Millennials, banning 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' won't keep you warm at night USA Today Dec 14, 2018
It's Time to Stop Saying I'm Sorry Oprah Magazine Dec 04, 2018
Review - Islamic Gender Apartheid: Exposing a Veiled War against Women Middle East Quarterly Dec 01, 2018
“America’s former president Obama chose Shia Iran over Sunni Saudi Arabia, this was a terrible idea” – Prof. Phyllis Chesler Weekly Blitz Nov 30, 2018
“We Are Not Safe” Israel News Talk Radio - Beyond the Matrix Nov 28, 2018
Phyllis Chesler at Ananke: A Politically Incorrect Feminist Ananke Nov 26, 2018
Kristallnacht: Lights left on to mark 80th anniversary BBC Nov 09, 2018
Robert Fulford: We thought anti-Semitism was finished. We were wrong National Post Nov 02, 2018
L’Chayim: Phyllis Chesler on Feminism Phyllis Chesler Nov 01, 2018
A Politically Incorrect Feminist Speaks Out–An Interview with Dr. Phyllis Chesler The Jewish Voice Oct 31, 2018
A Politically Incorrect Feminist by Phyllis Chesler: A Review Medium Oct 31, 2018
Hollywood liberals fail to focus #MeToo outrage on Democratic men Washington Times Oct 28, 2018
Booklist: A Politically Incorrect Feminist: Creating a Movement with Bitches, Lunatics, Dykes, Prodigies, Warriors, and Wonder Women. Booklist Oct 26, 2018
Review: ‘A Politically Incorrect Feminist’ by Phyllis Chesler Breitbart Oct 22, 2018
Review: ‘Feminists: What were they thinking?’ paves the path forward for feminism The Diamondback Oct 17, 2018
Does Australia Need Feminism? An Interview With ‘Politically Incorrect’ Phyllis Chesler newmatilda.com Oct 17, 2018
GLORIA STEINEM’S RAPE COVER-UP? Frontpage Mag Oct 16, 2018
EXCLUSIVE – Feminist Phyllis Chesler: Dems Hurt #MeToo with ‘Desperate Overreach’ Against Brett Kavanaugh Breitbart Oct 15, 2018
David Webb Sirius Radio Show Phyllis Chesler Oct 11, 2018
Review of A Politically Incorrect Feminist by Phyllis Chesler Dignity: A Journal on Sexual Exploitation and Violence Oct 03, 2018
An Interview With Phyllis Chesler: On Female Violence And Feminist Revenge The Establishment Sep 27, 2018
10 New Books on Anger, Feminism, and Unruly Women BookRiot Sep 26, 2018
Honor killing in Gaza - but Western "feminist" critics of Israel remain silent Elderofziyon.blogspot.com Sep 18, 2018
Phyllis Chesler on Sirius Radio Phyllis Chesler Sep 12, 2018
This Politically Incorrect Feminist Was in the Room Making it Happen PJ Media Sep 12, 2018
Phyllis Chesler on Hellbent Podcast Phyllis Chesler Sep 11, 2018
Bekenntnisse einer inkorrekten Feministin (1) Achgut Sep 09, 2018
A Politically Incorrect Feminist on C-SPAN C-SPAN Sep 09, 2018
Book Review: “A Politically Incorrect Feminist: Creating a Movement with Bitches, Lunatics, Dykes, Prodigies, Warriors, and Wonder Woman” Medium Sep 07, 2018
Honor killing - coming to a neighborhood near you Arutz Sheva Sep 02, 2018
3 New Books About Outsiders Changing the System Brit + Co Sep 02, 2018
Chesler’s memoir insightful into feminist movement San Diego Jewish World Aug 22, 2018
A Politically Incorrect Feminist – Beyond the Matrix IsraelNewsTalk Aug 22, 2018
'Politically Incorrect Feminist' Phyllis Chesler on Her New Book Newsmax Aug 21, 2018
A Few Moments With Feminist Phyllis Chesler Newsblaze Aug 17, 2018
Walking into the Fire: The Politically Incorrect Phyllis Chesler Daily Caller Aug 14, 2018
A Family Conspiracy: Honor Killing - The PipeLineNews Review PipeLineNews.org Jul 16, 2018
Honor Killing and Islam City Journal Jun 20, 2018
A POLITICALLY INCORRECT FEMINIST Creating a Movement with Bitches, Lunatics, Dykes, Prodigies, Warriors, and Wonder Women Kirkus Review Jun 19, 2018
The Horrors of Honor Violence: Terrorism At Home The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jun 18, 2018
A Politically Incorrect Feminist: Creating a Movement with Bitches, Lunatics, Dykes, Prodigies, Warriors and Wonder Women Publishers Weekly Jun 09, 2018
A Politically Incorrect Feminist American Thinker May 29, 2018
Women's Role in Female Oppression American Thinker May 21, 2018
Wonderful Endorsements, Please Share My Joy Phyllis Chesler May 21, 2018
Leah Napolin, Whose ‘Yentl’ Adaptation Made Broadway, Dies at 83 New York Times May 16, 2018
A Family Conspiracy: Honor Killing FrontPage Magazine Apr 26, 2018
A Murder in the Mountains FrontPage Magazine Apr 23, 2018
Announcing Phyllis Chesler's A Family Conspiracy: Honor Killing New English Review Press Mar 26, 2018
Ode to Dr. Mary Howell Phyllis Chesler Mar 22, 2018
Extraordinary Jewish Women: Phyllis Chesler Risa Borsykowsky Mar 05, 2018
Library Journal Review: A Politically Incorrect Feminist Library Journal Feb 26, 2018
Web series spotlights extraordinary Jewish women Brooklyn Reporter Feb 21, 2018
Chesler on Europe and Jean Raspail's Work New English Review Press Feb 09, 2018
Chesler on Human Rights and Muslim Dissidents Phyllis Chesler Jan 18, 2018
Chesler Video Interview on the Survival of Western Civilization New English Review Press Jan 07, 2018
Chesler on the Fate of Western Civilization New English Review Press Jan 03, 2018
HASSAN: New book shines light on Muslim gender problems Toronto Sun Dec 07, 2017
Exposing the Veiled War against Women Independent Women's Forum Blog Dec 04, 2017
Women Under Islam City Journal Dec 01, 2017
Preparing Our Students to Respond to the Anti-Israel Propaganda on Campus Jewish Link of New Jersey Nov 22, 2017
Band of Sisters: Gloria Steinem and Yoko Ono Join Hundreds to Remember Kate Millett Ms. Magazine Nov 15, 2017
Islamic Gender Apartheid: Facts, not Islamophobia Israel National News Nov 14, 2017
Islam, Women, and Phyllis Chesler PJ Media Nov 13, 2017
Feminism’s A-List Attends Kate Millett’s Memorial in New York New York Times Nov 10, 2017
Review of Islamic Gender Apartheid: Exposing a Veiled War Against Women Scholars for Peace in the Middle East Nov 06, 2017
Barbara Kay: The Jewish blindspot to the horrors of the niqab National Post Oct 31, 2017
Robert Fulford: Feminists are failing to confront Islamic society's treatment of women National Post Oct 13, 2017
Phyllis Chesler on the madness of pro-Islam feminism and the sadness of anti-Semitic Leftism Why Evolution Is True Blog Oct 09, 2017
Why Are Feminists Silent about Islamic Violence against Women? Dr Phyllis Chesler Explains Two Ravens Films Oct 07, 2017
Courageous American Feminist: Phyllis Chesler New English Review Oct 05, 2017
Islamic Gender Apartheid Is Real and It's Here FrontPage Magazine Oct 04, 2017
Phyllis Chesler, at war with the 'Faux Feminists' of the left Tablet Magazine Sep 27, 2017
Dean plans no further action in UA speaker's cancellation Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Sep 22, 2017
After the death of a feminist icon, I’m reminded of those who paved my path The Globe and Mail Sep 16, 2017
'Sexual Politics' author Kate Millett dies at 82 The Nation Sep 09, 2017
Kate Millett, ‘high priestess’ of second-wave feminism, dies at 82 The Washington Post Sep 07, 2017
The Book That Made Us Feminists The New York Times Sep 07, 2017
When "Progressivism" Crushes Muslim Women Gatestone Institute Sep 05, 2017
Book review: Hello, Refugees! by Tuvia Tenenbom Elder of Ziyon Blogspot Aug 07, 2017
Liberals Threaten Israel Giving In Wake Of Cabinet Moves Jewish Week Jun 28, 2017
Jewish Feminism Should Declare Bankruptcy The Daily Caller Jun 27, 2017
"A View from the Balcony" - Faith, Feminism & 'The Women's Balcony' Menemsha Films Jun 16, 2017
Stand up for free speech Times of Israel Blog May 16, 2017
Religious tolerance is no excuse for female genital mutilation Toronto Sun May 11, 2017
When professors stifle freedom of thought Mercatornet May 10, 2017
Left-fascists at University of Arkansas cancel speaker because she cowrote pamphlet with Robert Spencer 10 years ago Jihad Watch May 07, 2017
Mideast studies chief at UA suspended after canceling presentation from speaker known for criticizing Islam Arkansas Democrat-Gazette May 04, 2017
UA punishes disinvitation of speaker critical of Muslims UPDATES GALORE Arkansas Times Blog May 04, 2017
UofA Suspends Professor For Phyllis Chesler Disinvitation Continue reading >> UofA Suspends Professor For Phyllis Chesler Disinvitation | The Arkansas Project The Arkansas Project May 03, 2017
UA professor suspended after speech cancellation a scapegoat, author says Arkansas Democrat-Gazette May 03, 2017
Letter from Prof. Robert M. Costrell to the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of the U. of Arkansas Regarding the Disinvitation of Prof. Phyllis Chesler Campus Watch May 03, 2017
Phyllis Chesler Is Latest Disinvited Campus Speaker Independent Women's Forum May 02, 2017
The Spreading Tentacles of Censorship American Thinker Apr 28, 2017
Academic Malfeasance: U. Of Arkansas Disinvites Phyllis Chesler The Daily Caller Apr 27, 2017
Sharia, Arkansas Style FrontPage Mag Apr 27, 2017
Intellectual Corruption of Intersectional Academics: Tom Swedenburg’s Palestinian Anthropology The Augean Stables Apr 26, 2017
How Academics think about Freedom of Speech: Fisking the Email that Killed Phyllis Chesler’s Talk on Shame-Murders The Augean Stables Apr 13, 2017
No Honor at U. of Arkansas MyRightWord Apr 09, 2017
Houellebecq’s Islamic “Submission” through American eyes Israel National News Mar 30, 2017
Snub or Honor: the Case of UJA NY Federation and Phyllis Chesler Jewish Press Mar 22, 2017
Mingling with Foes American Thinker Mar 20, 2017
EXCLUSIVE – Feminist Leader Phyllis Chesler: Women Strike Movement Hates Israel Instead of Islamic Misogyny Breitbart Mar 09, 2017
Leading US Jewish Feminist: Anti-Israel Messaging of International Women’s Strike Part of Ongoing ‘Poisoned Propaganda Effort’ The Algemeiner Mar 08, 2017
A Gratifying Appraisal of My Work Journal of Women and Therapy Jan 25, 2017
"The Happy Hour" with Charley Freedman KSCO, Santa Cruz, CA Dec 15, 2016
Book Q&A with Deborah Kalb Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb Dec 15, 2016
My life of hell in an Afghan Harem: Writer, 72, recalls five months spent as a young bride imprisoned in Muslim compound and how she finally escaped. The Daily Mail (UK) Dec 15, 2016
Portraits Of The Feminist As A Young Woman The Jewish Week Dec 15, 2016
Sunday Show with William J. Wolf middleeastradioforum.org Dec 15, 2016
The Peter Boyles Show KNUS, Denver Dec 15, 2016
Author Talk at Books and Books Livestream and Cspan Author Event. Dec 08, 2016
The Ben Shapiro Show KIRORADIO Nov 18, 2016
All Things Being Equal: Phyllis Chesler's Superiority For the Record: The Making and Meaning of Feminist Knowledge Nov 18, 2016
Jews In Crisis in Israel and Around the Globe 92nd Steet Y Nov 18, 2016
"She Bomber" 1600AM, Eugene, OR Nov 14, 2016
Why would Trump take the risk of raising someone else’s marital problems? The Washington Post Oct 09, 2016
Israel is a modern democracy that protects the religious rights of minorities Organiser Sep 12, 2016
A Tribute to My Work NOMAS Jul 29, 2016
Islam, Sexual Violence, and the West The Investigative Project on Terrorism Jul 28, 2016
Renowned Women’s Rights Champion Blasts ‘Politically Correct Faux Feminists’ for Attacks Against ‘Zionist’ Star of Wonder Woman Movie The Algemeiner Jul 26, 2016
We’re so afraid of Muslims we’re ignoring domestic ‘honor killings’ New York Post Jul 21, 2016
Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch -- Has Now Famous Victim of Honor Killing Raised Our Awareness Enough Yet? INQUISITR Jul 16, 2016
'Israel And India Have A Lot In Common, Modi Must Visit Soon,' Says Phyllis Chesler Huffington Post Blog Jul 15, 2016
Op-Ed: "Anti-racists" and feminists demonize only Israel Israel National News May 15, 2016
Fern Sidman's Message for Phyllis Chesler's 75th N/A Dec 31, 2015
Sanda Balaban's Message for Phyllis Chesler's 75th YouTube Dec 18, 2015
William Hoffman speaks about Phyllis Chesler YouTube Dec 15, 2015
Celebration For Phyllis Chesler from Nancy Azara YouTube Dec 15, 2015
Feminist feels betrayed over anti-Semitism New Jersey Jewish News Dec 14, 2015
Feminist feels betrayed over anti-Semitism New Jersey Jewish News Dec 14, 2015
A Stark Look at a Woman's Life in Kabul The Canadian Jewish News Dec 07, 2015
Western Feminists Have Become 'Stalinized' and 'Palestinianized,' Says Prominent US Women's Movement Pioneer (INTERVIEW) The Algemeiner Dec 03, 2015
In ISIS-Controlled Territories, Forcing Women to Cover Up Has Deep Psychological Effects Yahoo! Health Dec 01, 2015
In ISIS-Controlled Territories, Forcing Women to Cover Up Has Deep Psychological Effects Yahoo! Lifestyle Nov 30, 2015
Rabbi Shmidman Speaks About Phyllis Chesler on her 75th Birthday YouTube Nov 25, 2015
Aruna Papp's Message for Phyllis Chesler's 75th Birthday YouTube Nov 24, 2015
Paula Caplan's Video Message for Phyllis Chesler's 75th Birthday YouTube Nov 24, 2015
Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina 2016 bids jeopardized by fickle women voters Washington Times Nov 18, 2015
Rebecca Seawright Officially Honors the Work of Phyllis Chesler - October 1, 2015 YouTube Nov 13, 2015
Irwin Cotler on the Far-Reaching Impact of Phyllis Chesler's Work - October 1, 2015 YouTube Nov 13, 2015
A Friend In Deed, my Sister-Warrior, Merle Hoffman YouTube Nov 12, 2015
Ibn Warraq on Phyllis Chesler's Work and Friendship YouTube Nov 11, 2015
Alan Dershowitz on the Work and Life of Phyllis Chesler YouTube Nov 10, 2015
Captive in Kabul: A woman's battle for freedom and her teachings CBS21 Nov 05, 2015
Captive in Kabul Promo Youtube Nov 03, 2015
Let the Fear Mongering Begin CBC Oct 30, 2015
Thank you Women of Reform Judaism for Such A Warm Reception N/A Oct 16, 2015
Phyllis Chesler: Psychoanalyst, Feminist, Fearless Spitfire Ravishly Oct 05, 2015
Women Also Kill For Honor: Phyllis Chesler Study The Investigative Project Oct 01, 2015
Dr. Chesler Study: Female Honor Killers Calculating, Brutal, Without Remorse Breitbart Sep 21, 2015
Chesler on the Iran Deal at JBS JBS Sep 10, 2015
Rescuing Girls and Women from Sex Slavery in ISIS's Iraq Steel On Steel Sep 08, 2015
The Cost of Exposing Anti-Semitism and the even Higher Cost of Failing to do so. Phyllis Chesler at ISGAP. June 8 2015 Jewish Broadcasting Service Jul 21, 2015
Robert Fulford: Fighting the insanely misogynist Islamic State will require enormous public support National Post Jun 12, 2015
Tifereth Israel in New Bedford, Massachusetts N/A Jun 10, 2015
Phyllis Chesler: Where Are U.S. Feminists on ISIS? Independent Women's Forum Jun 09, 2015
The Growing Cognitive War Against Israel: A Q&A With Dr. Phyllis Chesler Breitbart Jun 03, 2015
Living History: On the Front Lines for Israel and the Jews 2003-2015 Family Security Matters May 20, 2015
Beth Sholom Sisterhood N/A May 19, 2015
On the Front Lines Israel National News May 15, 2015
'The Litmus Test Of Political Correctness Is One's Stance On Israel': An Interview With Pioneering Feminist Author Phyllis Chesler The Jewish Press May 13, 2015
Living History: Chesler On the Front Lines for Israel and the Jews Israel National News May 10, 2015
Jewish Federation of Northeastern New York, Congregation Agudat Achim, Niskayuna. N/A May 06, 2015
Phyllis Chesler At Jewish Federation Of Northeastern New York On 5/6 NPR May 01, 2015
Two Discussions N/A Apr 03, 2015
The Culture War, left-wing anti-Semitism Chuck Morse Speaks on USA Radio Networks Apr 01, 2015
A Lovely, Lovely Evening at the Bard Graduate Center N/A Mar 28, 2015
L'Chayim: Election Round Table JBS Mar 22, 2015
The Midwest Book Review - The New Anti-Semitism The Midwest Book Review Mar 16, 2015
Phyllis Chesler discusses Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speech at AIPAC America's Forum - Newsmax TV Mar 04, 2015
Dr. Phyllis Chesler and Dr. Richard Landes JBS Jan 23, 2015
America's Forum - Newsmax Newsmax Jan 15, 2015
Dr. Phyllis Chesler: Where Have All the Feminist Sisters Gone? Voice of Israel Jan 11, 2015
The New Anti-Semitism: Chesler Forces Our Eyes to See, Our Ears to Hear The Jewish Press Jan 11, 2015
My Jewish Feminist Problem Tablet Magazine Dec 16, 2014
America's Forum at Newsmax Newsmax Dec 10, 2014
Abi Ishola Interview CUNY TV Dec 08, 2014
Reviews and Interviews about the Gefen edition of The New Anti-Semitism. N/A Dec 05, 2014
The 'New Anti-Semitism' Comes of Age - And How to Deal With It Israel National News Dec 04, 2014
THE RISE OF ANTI-SEMITISM Sun News Network Dec 03, 2014
The Line Between Anti-Israel And Anti-Semitic The Jewish Week Dec 02, 2014
On the Re-Issue of The New Antisemitism: an Interview with Dr. Phyllis Chesler New English Review Dec 01, 2014
A Decade Later, "The New Anti-Semitism" Comes of Age Israel National News Nov 26, 2014
Israelis Blamed for Provoking Terror Attacks? Fox News Nov 24, 2014
Chesler's 'The New Antisemitism': A Timely Warning, Renewed Breitbart Nov 23, 2014
Author Phyllis Chesler: Obama 'Seems to be Siding With the Jihadists' Newsmax Nov 22, 2014
College of Staten Island Hillel Q and A N/A Oct 30, 2014
100 Women 2014: What is an 'honour killing'? BBC Oct 23, 2014
The Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy on "Death of Klinghoffer" Shalom TV/JBS Oct 20, 2014
Women's Studies Prof: Islamophobia meme is 'The New McCarthyism' Breitbart Oct 11, 2014
Chesler and Huckabee Live on FOX Huckabee - Fox Oct 11, 2014
Passage to India - Without Leaving NYC! N/A Sep 18, 2014
Rabbi Mark Golub Interview Shalom TV Aug 28, 2014
Western Sex Slaves for Jihad in Iraq and Syria Newsmax TV Aug 13, 2014
Look Ma, I'm on Shalom TV! Shalom TV Jun 17, 2014
J.D. Haworth and Francesca Page Interview NewsmaxTV Channel May 14, 2014
An American Bride in Kabul Talks about Islamic Gender Apartheid The Glazov Gang May 09, 2014
Go inside the world of Honor Killings with Phyllis Chesler Lars Larsen Radio May 08, 2014
The Bride Wears Aqua YouTube and Palgrave-Macmillan May 01, 2014
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3/27 Newsmax Interview Newsmax Mar 28, 2014
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For Phyllis Chesler, reality eclipses love in 'An American Bride in Kabul' Jewish News Service Nov 10, 2013
To the Contrary PBS Nov 05, 2013
Memoir Monday & An American Bride in Kabul by Phyllis Chesler Chicks With Books Nov 05, 2013
A tenuous victory as Women of the Wall mark 25th anniversary The Times of Israel Nov 04, 2013
"Bride" Review The Globe and Mail Oct 25, 2013
"Bride" Review Jewish Connection Oct 24, 2013
Letter to the Editor—Honor Killings New York Times Oct 24, 2013
"The Cycle" MSNBC Oct 22, 2013
Split in Women of the Wall Widens The Forward Oct 22, 2013
CAIR's Useful Idiot Accuracy in Media Oct 22, 2013
Late Night in the UK BBC Oct 19, 2013
Rabbi David J. Kaufman's "Understanding the World" www.12Talk2.com Oct 17, 2013
An American Jewish Bride remembers her escape from Kabul ABC Oct 17, 2013
"Bride" Review – Linda Wolfe "Fab Over Fifty" Oct 16, 2013
Speaking with Dennis Prager The Dennis Prager Show Oct 15, 2013
Personal Nightmare Helped Shape Pioneer Feminist Psychology Today Oct 14, 2013
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The Story of an American Bride in Kabul Huffington Post, Canada Oct 11, 2013
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An American Jewish 'Bride' Remembers Her Escape From Kabul at the 92nd St Y YouTube Video Oct 10, 2013
Review: "An American Bride in Kabul" by P. Chesler Israel National News Oct 07, 2013
Ordeal in Kabul harem forges Jewish author's worldview The Times of Israel Oct 07, 2013
Reality Eclipses Love in "An American Bride in Kabul" – A memoir by Phyllis Chesler TLVFaces Oct 07, 2013
An American Jewish 'Bride' Remembers Her Escape From Kabul NPR Oct 06, 2013
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U.S. woman describes 'life of hell' in Afghan harem Al Arabiya Sep 30, 2013
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