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Women, Money & Power

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"This is a powerful, compassionate and thoroughly realistic analysis of women's economic and political condition – and how to change it."

--Congresswoman Balla Abzug

"Women, Money & Power is long overdue… I long ago became suspicious of the Establishment's tendency to urge women to remain in poverty as housewives and volunteers. Women have been taught to fear power and to work for nothing… Powerlessness and poverty are the problems where women are concerned; it is the lack of money that can cause oppressed people to revolt… Women, Money & Power is the antidote for the poison of women's powerlessness. Women need the analysis in this book to re-focus their goals."

--Florynce R. Kennedy

"This book deals with the most crucial subject – money – and the way in which women are systematically deprived of it. In focusing on this process, the authors have made a significant contribution, one that is both productive and strategic for today."

--Kate Millet

"Controversial, relentless and appallingly accurate, this book smashes myths and makes proposals that go right to the heart of the matter – where it hurts."

--Nena O'Neill, co-author of Open Marriage and Shifting Gears

"This is an astonishing collaboration. Phyllis Chesler has a creative and original mind and has contributed her stunning insights and poetic images to this book. Emily Jane Goodman provides an extraordinary knowledge of the law and its practical applications. What you get then is insights and concrete information."

--Barbara Seamen, author of Free and Female

"This important, insightful, relentless book exposes the sexual economics on which all our power structures are built. It makes clear that feminism demands both a redistribution and redefinition of power."

--Gloria Steinem

"This book has blown the whistle on America's best kept secret: serious money. It should be on beauty parlor tables and grocery store bookracks, accessible to all women."

--Washington Post

"A critical social act. The subject of the book is the unconscious internalization of the economic values of our society. Women, Money and Power is useful for its theoretical insights and for its presentation of a number of practical items that deserve either a larger audience or a longer life."

--New York Times Book Review

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