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On November 8th, 2017, we gathered for two hours at University College London to discuss Honor. I was honored to be have been invited and shared the time with wonderful people: Asma Ashraf, Sabin Muzzafar, Mandy Sanghera, and Gwenton Sloley. Sabin was beamed in from Abu Dhabi; I appeared via Skype from New York. I spoke about the nature and relationship of tribal psychology to honor-based violence and the importance of embracing multi-cultural diversity but not multi-cultural relativism. Mandy Sanghera spoke about her rescue and education work with the victims/survivors of such violence. She described how girls are raped or given into marriage as a way of settling debts between men. Gwenton Sloley talked about rescuing the victims of gangs, especially the most vulnerable children. He gave many practical suggestions. Asma Ashraf and Sabin Muzzafar talked about the difficult, often intractable problems of Pakistani women—and one’s capacity to break free. By the end, I was asked how to go about “dismantling the patriarchy” and I sighed and said that I’d been trying to do just that for more than 50 years, as have others, and that this fight must simply continue. Unfortunately, this important panel could not be live streamed or video-ed but I’m, sure that Mandy Sanghera will post material, as will I, as soon as I can.